Hipstamatic, John S

One of my favorite and most-used photo apps is still Hipstamatic. Even after shooting with ProCamera or another app, whenever possible, I’ll shake the Hipsta 262 for random film and lens combos, fire off a few shots, and hope for a “happy accident.” Even in the age of Oggl, where I can now change my filters if I don’t like them, I still prefer the old-school shooting experience of Hipstamatic.

In case you missed it elsewhere, here’s a great musing by another iPhoneographer/Graphic Designer, Ted Villa, posted to his blog ExUrban. It’s great piece that’s more about the visceral aspect of shooting with Hipstamatic and Instagram and less about the technical aspect. It’s an insightful “why” instead of a “how” piece. A little more and a link after the jump. >>>

One of my favorite quotes from the piece:

“As far as output goes, I’ve overcome my initial bias against the irony inherent in sharing analogue-looking photos on powerful handheld computers and stored in the cloud. I think that the analogue-ness of the images while certainly part of the surface appeal (it’s fun to create something moody and Joel Peter Witkin-esque — good luck, I know no one who can approach that, the guy is a master), entices on a different level. It enables us to mitigate the stark reality of multi megapixel cameras and all of their hard edged vividness. We can soften and humanize our photos and give them a sense of history even though they were taken in a moment on a device that enables 24/7 access to the world.”

Click here to read all of “A Semi-Philosophical Reflection on InstaGram & Hipstamatic” by Ted Villa on exurbaninc.com.