Instagram, 4.1, updated, import video, auto-straighten

Instagram’s new Auto-Straighten

The number one photo app in the history of ever, Instagram, was updated today. Two new features, really big update. You can now import videos from your camera roll. The second new feature is really more awesome. You can now instantly and automatically straighten your photos when you take or import them using the Instagram app.

If you have the app, you’re going to download the update anyway. But want to find out how it works? Keep reading.

Instagram Video import

Instagram, for iPhoneInstagram can now import any video from your camera roll. No matter how long the source video, the app will trim it down to its maximum 15 second length. For longer clips, it’ll let you scrub it to find your starting point.

The app has still no video editing feature. That’s okay because you’re probably going to want to edit and process in other video apps anyway. This clears the way for creative Instagrammers to create some very interesting 15 seconds cinemas.

Instagram, 4.1, updated, import video

Instagram 4.1 video import and trim


Instagram’s new auto straighten feature is pretty slick! If you shoot or import with the Instagram app itself, the app presents the option to auto straighten and fine tune. Basically, Instagram analyzes your image, tries to find a line that it thinks is parallel to the horizon, and straightens the image to that. There’s also a well-done, responsive, BIG manual adjustment dial. The app guesses, which is why the fine-tune dial is very nice especially when the default adjustment is a little aggressive. This lets you easily tweak the Straighten to your own liking.

As the tool rotates and straightens the image, it zooms in a little bit. This will cost you some pixels around the edge of your image. The auto-straighten tool only works on still photos, not video.

Generally a dot-oh update with Instagram consists of bug fixes and adding a new supported language. In lieu of new filters, a need which the third-party apps seem to have filled quite nicely, This is a fairly exciting update for Instagrammers. Start your download.

Instagram is still free and will run on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that supports iOS 5.0 or later.