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Tuesday, September 10, 2013, Apple announced two new iPhones. I felt the event was significant as Apple is really moving out of the Steve Jobs era and well into the Tim Cook era.

Life In LoFi covered the event as it streamed live across the web. We gathered a panel of iPhoneography movers and shakers for commentary as we streamed our event on a live webcast.

Scheduled to appear in the event were:

Marty Yawnick – Founder and Publisher of Life In LoFi

Glyn Evans – Found and Publisher of The iPhoneography Blog

Jack Hollingsworth – Commercial Photographer/iPhoneographer and iPhone photo evangelist

Edi Caves – Founder and Publisher of

Knox Bronson – Founder and Curator of and Editor of iPhotographer Magazine.

Cindy Patrick – Commercial Photographer, iPhoneographer, and curator of Life In LoFi’s Faved: iPhone Photos of the Week

Steven Thomas – Web Designer, iPhoneographer, and curator of Life In Lofi’s Facebook page.

Devin Pike – Filmmaker, entertainment and technology journalist. Predicted the iPhone in 2001 while the Senior Editor of, and swears Apple owes him some stock options.

Viewers were invited to comment. Those comments are archived here on the Google+ event page.

If you missed it live, here is the video for the event:



There was a technical glitch about 1:13:00 into the event. We have AT&T UVerse as an internet provider here at Life In LoFi’s office and our internet service “hiccuped”, taking down the webcast for a couple of minutes. My apologies. Some good stuff was lost during the outage.

Here is part two of the webcast: