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Sometime today, Apple will flip the switch and the latest and greatest iPhone operating system will be released to the world. What time that actually happens is anyone’s guess, but if past performance is any indication, iOS 7 updates should be filtering down through the internet starting at 10:00 am Pacific time.

The folks at Redmond Pie have put together a chart indicating the time you can start obsessively hitting “Check For Updates” in your city.

Most of the iOS 7 beta builds were released at 10:00 am Pacific time. All of Apple’s previous major iOS updates were released at 10:00 am Pacific time. While nothing is certain, it’s a safe bet that 10:00 am Pacific time today is a good time to start checking for updates. That’s noon Dallas time and y’all on the east coast might have to wait until 1:00 pm today.

Here’s a chart put together by Redmond Pie, showing what times worldwide that translates to in your city. Clicking the chart takes you to the original post where there’s a higher resolution graphic of this chart.

ios 7, release, iphone

iOS 7 Download Day Worldwide Release Time chart, courtesy of Redmond Pie


The update should be available as both an over the air update and as a direct download for those who prefer to connect to iTunes to update their system software. This one’s a hefty one. The golden master update was 1.32 gigabyte package.

Before you update, be sure to read our story on iOS 7 and what you need to know before updating. You should read it before you update.

Enjoy your morning. The internet should be brought to a crawl around lunchtime here in Texas.



Source: Redmond Pie. Tip of the hat to Patrick Timney for the heads up on this.