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Guest Curator: Sarah Jarrett

What a treat to be asked by Cindy to guest curate ‘Faved’. I was looking throughout the week for images that really jumped out and had something special and unique to say. I love the exotic mixture of images in the Life in Lofi pool ranging from the surreal manipulators to masterful dream works to the chance moment in an incredible landscape.

My lede image is ‘Shadow Room’ by Caroline Macmoran, I was drawn immediately to the title and the way in which Caroline had constructed and manipulated the image. A wonderfully surreal, dark image full of narrative. Fantastic work !

So many great portraits it was tricky to choose just a few. I just loved Nicki Fitz-Gerald’s sharp digital collage ‘Frost bite’, the soft painterly colour tones of Vanessa Vox’s ‘I came back with the Spring’, the really striking monochrome composition of Erika Brother’s ‘Garden of my Mind’, the soft, subtle, delicate romance of ‘Shadow’ by the Real McCoy, the acid bright beauty of colour in ‘Some Red’ by Kajalschlampen and the delicious scribbly vagueness of ‘Profile’ by Pr Tenorsoul. These all really stood out for me.

To be transported by a picture is a powerful thing and I was by ‘Legends of the Fall’ by W- Stairs to a Dali inspired world saturated in the most glorious colour. Brilliantly executed ! In Veevs3’s ‘Photographing St Pauls’ the beautiful soft painterly colours and the strong composition seems real but also dream like and ethereal. So well done. Veronica Hassell’s image ‘A Song I wrote to You’ is just beautiful. Reminiscent of Victorian photography and the Pre-Raphelites she masterfully creates moments from another time, another world. ‘Aquamarine’ by Scott.A. Woodward in contrast is vivid, exotic in its beauty and full of silent wonder. Alfremusical’s image throws our gaze back into sharp reality and captures the moment wonderfully with striking faces that draw you in and makes you want to know more.

Many wonderful landscapes but ‘Clowbridge Sunrise’ by Astronomer Adam stood out for me. The tactile, dripping beauty of grasses along a river in the early morning captured the moment brilliantly as did Gianluca Ricoveri’s beautiful Italian landscape, a small road winding through stubble fields reminded me of summer’s end perfectly. Lea Zimany’s sun rise too is beautifully and perfectly composed. Such a strong sense of atmosphere and feeling emanates from this picture. ‘Spreading Wings’ by Eeslinger captures the fleeting moment so well and transports us skyward into the blue.

‘Beauty Is Youth, Youth Is Beauty’ by Ferguscat1 is a fantastic image. The processing works so well here. I loved the backs of all the people turned away from the camera and was eager to catch a glimpse of what it was that so drew their attention.

My closing image is ‘Taking Ego Out of the Equation by Bongwater Joe’, masterfully surreal, dark and nightmarish with its equally dark palette.

Congratulations to all the iPhoneographers and iPhone artists selected this week! And don’t forget, images selected each week are eligible for inclusion in upcoming “brick-and-mortar” exhibitions, so please continue to submit your best work and stay tuned for next week’s showcase!

Until then, as Cindy says ‘ happy shooting!’

Cindy Patrick is on vacation this week and she’s lined up iPhone artist Sarah Jarrett as guest curator. Sarah’s unique images have graced this gallery many times throughout the years. Her works have been featured in brick and mortar galleries globally. She is a knowledgeable and vocal evangelist for iPhone art and iPhoneography. Sarah is definitely one of iPhoneography’s “rock stars.” I’m very glad she agreed to curate this week and she’s selected some outstanding works — no easy task given the number of excellent pieces submitted each week to our Flickr group. Many thanks to Sarah for filling in this week. =M=



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Submitting Your Photos

We are partnering with galleries and photo exhibits around the world. Images that are selected for the Faved weekly showcase are now eligible for consideration for brick-and-mortar shows that we’ve partnered with.

Submissions are welcome for any photos shot and processed with iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad only. No desktop or Android processed images, please. To have your works considered, just post or share your images to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Images must be shot and processed using only an iDevice. Each week, we’ll feature a brand new showcase of more great iPhoneography.