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HarrisCamera sample

Here is an awesome app giveaway in the app store right now. HarrisCamera, LightLeaker, ZebraFilm, SubtleColor, and more – all of Shota Nakagami‘s excellent iPhoneography apps – are FREE right now for a very limited time. All totaled, you can save up to $7 on this deal.

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ZebraFilm sample, Sabre filter

Shota Nakagami is one of the more creative photo app developers in the App Store right now. He creates quality photo apps. Many times, they add effects that have been largely ignored by other photo apps in the app store.

I love the effects HarrisCamera creates. It was one of the first apps (if not the first photo app) in the App Store to create the Harris shutter effect – a modern, pop art style three filter color effect. The app has been updated and improved many times since its original release and read my review of the original release of HarrisCamera here.

LightLeaker let you add potentially thousands of light leak combinations to your pics. For great lo-fi photography, you can’t beat a good light leak to add a finishing touch to an image and this is one of the best light leak photo apps available in the App Store. I’ve compared a couple of the best light leak photo apps here. See how LightLeaker stacks up.

ZebraFilm is an excellent, easy to use black-and-white photo app.

SubtleColor let you apply up to 60 color effects on your photos.

Roundography, MosaicTouch, and TextArt HD round out the other photo apps available in this giveaway.

I’ve already gladly paid a dollar each for most of these apps. They are definitely worth a buck each. This is a no-brainer download for free. Grab these now. These will only be discounted for about another day or so.

App Store links for all seven apps can be found on Life In LoFi’s Photo App Sale page here.



Hat tip to the eagle eye of Steve Thomas and Jackson Mah who first posted this deal on Life In LoFi’s Facebook page today.