SKRWT, perspective correction, iphone

We recently reviewed SKRWT, an excellent photo app for iPhone that makes quick work of fixing the perspective distortion found in many wide field-of-view lenses, including the iPhone’s.

The developers of SKWRT have prepared a fairly short tutorial video on how to fix perspective distortion, as well as lens distortions often created by olloclip, GoPro, and other third-party lenses. Click past the jump for more.

So, what is perspective distortion? Put simply, you know when you see a photo with great parallel or perpendicular lines, only to find later that they look angled in your photo? That’s perspective distortion. There are several great iPhone apps that fix this, SKRWT being our favorite at the moment.

SKRWT also reduces or eliminates the round, lens barrel distortions added by many wide angle, super-wide angle, and fish-eye lenses, giving you a much nicer photograph with a wide field of view.

Buried at the bottom of SKRWT’s website is a great 8 minute tutorial on using the app to correct several types of photo distortion common to iPhone photographs. We’ve embedded the video here. It’s worth a look.


SKRWT v1.1 – TUTORIAL from SKRWT on Vimeo.


SKRWT is $1.99 on the App Store.

App Store link: SKRWT – mjagielski