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VSCO Cam have released a new collection of presets for both the iOS and Android version of the apps. The new Alchemy Collection incorporates a wide range of cross-processed looks and is available now in-app. More details after the jump.

The new Alchemy Collection is a set of 10 new presets and is available in-app now for $2.99. The new Q1 – Q10 presets subtly emulate classic cross-processing looks. These filters are much more subtle and usable than many other cross-processing filters available, which I think have a tendency to be a little heavy-handed and end up looking more like posterized Pop art than mismatched chemistry.

From the VSCO pressie:

An experimental technique in which films are developed in an alternative chemical solution, Cross Processing often creates dramatic color shifts and high contrast. The Alchemy Collection emulates this technique and features rich vibrancies balanced by refined tones, making this pack ideal for lifestyle photography, stylized portraiture, and strong statement images.


Old analog photographs — that’s film, paper, and chemistry — can have different tonal qualities for any number of reasons. One of the reasons I like VSCO Cam is that the large number of presets lets you replicate those looks invisibly. The effects enhance the photo, they don’t become the photo.

We’ve talked about VSCO Cam on this blog before. My style of iPhoneography is trying to replicate the looks of the old film cameras and processes that digital photography replaced. VSCO Cam is one of the better apps available to quickly and easily accomplish this.

VSCO Cam for iPhone is free. It comes well stocked with presets and there are a bunch more available in-app that you’ll want to buy.


App Store link: VSCO Cam® – Visual Supply Company



Images courtesy of VSCO