Big Photo, resample, rez up, iPhone

Big Photo is our App of the Day. It’s on sale right now for a limited time for only $0.99, down a couple bucks from its regular price of $2.99. That’ll save you two bucks on this great utility app.

Big Photo allows you to view pictures of any size with unlimited zoom in/out in high quality. The app lets you zoom into a photo much higher than the Apple Photos app. You can view your images down to a giant onscreen pixel. Why would you want to do this? To make sure you’ve captured or are using the sharpest image available.

More importantly, it’s one of very few apps that let you upsample an image — resize or “rez” it up. It seems to use a bilinear resampling method — a good, all-around way to smoothly add more pixels. Standard 8MP iPhone images will resample up to 45 megapixels (although I highly recommend you limit resampling to 200% for best results). There’s a crop tool to carve a “small” portion out of your full resolution photos/images, and produce high quality “blow up” results. That’s pretty handy and gives you better flexibility in production.


On older iPhones with lower resolution or crap apps that save images in low res, Big Photo’s resampling ability can make the difference between a tiny, stamp-sized photo on social media or a normal-sized usable one. I find its ultra-high-res viewing to be invaluable.


App Store link: Big Photo – Zynsoft Inc.


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