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The Hipstamatic D-Series RetroPak is our App of the Day. It’s FREE right now for a limited time only, down a couple bucks from its regular price of $1.99. That’s two dollars cash in your pocket.

More info and a link after the break.

We’ve covered Hipstamatic since its early days when it hit the App Store by storm and most of the world thought it was based on a long lost plastic camera from Wisconsin. You can read more about it here and here. Honestly, I think it’s still one of the most brilliant bits of marketing this century.

I still love Hipstamatic and though most of their monthly new HipstaPaks haven’t generated the excitement, anticipation, and buzz that the early paks did, It’s still, in my opinion, the best analog lo-fi camera experience in the App Store.

The D-Series RetroPak is free this weekend as an in-app purchase in Hipstamatic. This pak resurrects some of the lenses and films that were available only in the long-gone Hipstamatic Disposable app. It contains three classic Hipsta D lenses and two films. The Dee Lens is a return from the old D-Lite camera and adds contrast and pop. The Mark Lens is inspired by the old MegaZuck 84 camera and adds desaturation and vintage coloring. The Gregory Lens is inspired by the Gregory GR8 camera in Hipstamatic D and adds a warmish vintage color.

The Lite Film is also from the old D-Lite camera. The BlacKeys 44 Film is a return from the camera of the same name in Hipstamatic D and is one of Hipsta’s nicer, grainy black & white films.

My copy of Hipstamatic Disposable stopped working long ago and I’m not sure how many other cameras are left to mine, but I like that Hipstamatic is opening up the vaults on this one to bring these lost films and lenses back. In its short run, Hipstamatic D developed a small but passionate following. Grab this pak while it’s free.

Hipstamatic is $1.99 in the App Store.


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App Store link: Hipstamatic – Hipstamatic, LLC



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