Launcer, add any camera to iphone home screen

A recent update of Camera+ features a new widget that lets you add the app to your device’s Notification Center screen — basically giving you fast, two-click access to its superior camera. Here’s how to add any camera (or app) to your Today screen, making your camera of choice only two taps away on your iPhone’s Home screen.

By using a third-party app launcher utility, you can add any number of cameras or other apps to your Notification Center screen, which puts them front and center even when your device is locked.

launcher-cam-lofi-0415-02I use a utility called Launcher. There are others available, but none of them do the job as easily or transparently as Launcher. Launcher is also a free download that lets you add up to eight apps or actions. There’s a $3.99 in-app purchase if you want to use more than eight launchers.

How to Add Cameras

To add a new camera (or other apps) to your Notification Center screen, simply open Launcher, add, then save. The app is easy to navigate and very intuitive. Some apps with multiple modules will give you several possible launchers to add. For instance, ProCamera will let you add separate launchers that take you directly to its photo, video, HDR, or night camera screens.

Once completed, swipe down to open your Today screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Edit. Activate the new Launcher widget and move it where you want it to show on your Today screen. For easier access, a position at the top is best. Save and you’ve now got easy access cameras!

Unlike the Apple Camera which can be accessed from your Home screen while your phone is locked, you’ll still need to unlock your device to use a third-party camera. But by adding third-party cameras to the Today screen, your favorite cameras are now almost one tap away.


Launcher with Notification Center Widget - Cromulent Labs, free download

App Store link: Launcher with Notification Center Widget – Cromulent Labs


h/t to LoFi reader Manny Fernandez for pointing us to Launcher.