modahaus, rostrum, camera stand, photo stand

Smartphone table stand maker Modahaus are hoping to add a new model to their line-up and they’ve gone to Kickstarter to help get past the finish line.

The new product is a Rostrum camera stand for overhead photos and video with smartphones, tablets and cameras. It’s a smaller, lightweight and portable, modern take on a classic photographer’s tool.

Modahaus have created an easy-to-use, versatile Rostrum camera platform that would allow stills photographers and videographers, regardless of skills levels, to capture high quality overhead stills images and video harnessing the many features available on modern image capture devices – from smartphones to large tablets, from compact cameras to DSLRs.

A rostrum is a raised platform supporting a still or video camera. Rostrum cameras are typically used to photograph or animate a still picture or object. While not for everyone, a rostrum camera system can be mounted and used for photographing printed photographs and art, documents, product inventory and other objects.

For example, if you’re an eBay or Etsy seller, having a rostrum system can help make your photographic workflow easier and create better results when shooting product for your listings. You can also use it to create some interesting collages. Or your own Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer” video.

The Modahaus Rostrum Camera Stand is strong, reliable, compact, lightweight, and portable. It has a flat pack design that ensures the RCS is compact, light and very portable. The cantilever design and cellular structure gives strength, stability and reliability. The reliable and simple ‘triple lock’ assembly ensures your valuable camera device is safely supported on the rostrum platform.

The stand is easily assembled and mounted. It assembles in seconds and can be hung on any wall, door, window or any vertical surface secure screw or hook fixing. It will accommodate smartphones, phablets, tablets (up to 12″), compact cameras, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs and let you easily use manual or remote control.

modahaus, rostrum, camera stand, photo stand

Pledge awards that will get you one of these start at £25 – that’s about $38. You’ll also get an adapter pad and a case that doubles as a diffuser. The Kickstarter runs until Wed, May 27 2015 11:01 AM CDT.

You can find out more on the Rostrum Camera Stand Kickstarter page, including a video of the product in action. For more info on the rest of their product line of portable smartphone photo stands, check out the Modahaus website.



Disclosure: Modahaus is a long-time advertiser on Life In LoFi. This did not effect my choice to run this story. They’ve got some cool products for a highly targeted market and there may be a few readers who will find these tools useful. =M=