Passing Train

Passing Train by Paul Moore, on Flickr

I’m very happy to welcome iPhoneographer Paul Moore to Life In LoFi as a feature writer. You may have seen Paul’s iPhoneography in brick-and-mortar and online galleries, as well as reading his articles on iPhone photography around the web.

Paul has been creating stunning iPhone photographs for years. His series of a derelict train in the Irish hills was widely seen in high-profile gallery shows back in the days when iPhoneography was still considered a “gimmick” by most. Paul was part of the first and second waves of iPhone artists who helped turn the perception of mobile photography away from ‘pics you text someone on your phone.’ One of Paul’s train photos was featured as you walked into the Pixel’s OCCCA Exhibition in Orange County near Los Angeles years ago. People who hadn’t yet been exposed to iPhoneography as an art form were in disbelief. My uncle, a successful photographer in his own right, attended the opening with me and was amazed at what artists were creating with the device. Paul and his work was an early part of that.

Paul is from a small town in the Irish Midlands called Tullamore. He works as an accountant and financial advisor for his day job.

“That is probably why I like photography so much as it is a world away from the day job,” he quips.

Paul’s photos have been featured in exhibitions all over the world including Miami, Orange County, San Francisco, New York, Maryland, Paris, London, New Zealand and Tullamore. As an artist, Paul was featured on our regular weekly gallery here often. His works are regularly seen in other online galleries and Best Of collections. He has been interviewed by Eyeem and was a featured artist on their site. He’s been interviewed by many online and in-print publications.

I’ve read Paul’s works for the excellent iPhone Photography School and I’m very happy that he’s agreed to share some of his knowledge, experience, and opinions here as well.

Please join me in welcoming Paul to Life In LoFi.