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Snapseed 2.0.2 HDR Scape and Grunge effects

After months and months of languishing in minor bug fix purgatory, Snapseed (free) is back and it’s on fire. The new Snapseed update version 2.0.2 was released Thursday for iPhone and iPad and it includes the return of Grunge.

When first released, the excellent Snapseed 2.0 update no longer featured the Grunge filter. No explanation as to why.

Based on user feedback, the app’s developer Google has restored the feature. Effects can be randomized and adjusted. The intensity of the effect is adjustable from 0 to 100 so it doesn’t have to look like it “goes to 11.” Like many other Snapseed filters, you can move the center point of the effect.


Several Life In LoFi readers mentioned it, which means a lot more readers noticed it. Even though there are several other excellent grunge effects apps available, some readers mentioned that Snapseed’s filter did things that no other app could replicate.

The HDR Scape filter gets some unspecified improvements in this update as well.

With Adobe Photoshop Touch now no longer available, there’s a big hole in the iPhone photo editor market. Along with their recent Google Photos update, Google appears to be quickly and aggressively filling that void, which fortunately included some killer Snapseed updates.

Here’s all that’s new in the Snapseed 2.0.2 update:

  • Grunge is back!
  • Selective has advanced functions such as copy/paste and hide control points
  • Improved look in HDR Scape
  • The saving option “Export” saves a new copy of the image without embedded editing information.
  • Fixed some serious bugs

If you use the Grunge or HDR Scape tools, let us know what you think of this Snapseed update in the comments below.


Download Snapseed:

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App Store link: Snapseed – Google, Inc.