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CameraBag 2 is our App of the Day today, June 8 — all three of them — for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They’re all on sale, discounted 50% each, right now for a limited time. The iPhone version is on sale for only $0.99, down a buck from its regular price of $1.99. The iPad version is on sale for $1.99, a savings of $2, and the Mac version is on sale for $14.99 — a huge savings of $15. These discounts are for a limited time.

The CameraBag 2 apps are classics — that may sound like review-speak for they may seem dated. In fact, they still do a few things better than most any other photo app available and that makes them worth a look.

CameraBag 2 lets you quickly and easily apply the look of many different types of film, print, and processes to your photos. Styles include several different types of color and black & white film stocks, weathered prints, borders, and various lo-fi cameras, with the option to create your own and to add more for free in-app.

Where CameraBag 2 still excels is that it has a lot of presets available for various lo-fi cameras. There are several presets alone which replicate Holga prints. There are a couple of Lomo-style presets and a generic Plastic Camera preset as well. The black & white presets are worthwhile as well and I had forgotten how good some of them are.

CameraBag 2 captures the look and feel of cheap, plastic camera prints better than most other iPhone photo apps available, and that’s pretty impressive considering how varied prints can look just from different Holga cameras.

Effects can be applied with a tap, then adjusted or randomized, which makes them appear much more natural and less “cookie-cutter” like many of the cheap overlay apps available.

CameraBag, CameraBag2, iPhoneography, iPhone photo, mobile photo, Holga, Diana camera, Lomo

The original CameraBag, released back in 2008, was the first iPhone photo filter app in the App Store. Apping, as we came to know it, was created. CameraBag 2 has more tools, filters, bells, whistles and you can easily add and restore presets you never use in the app’s home screen.

Often times, we’ll forget some pretty cool classic iPhoneography photo apps in favor of what’s new and exciting now. But some of the older apps still haven’t been bested. Although CameraBag 2 is showing its age, it’s still a great app for adding effects to your photos that recreate a very fun, very lo-fi, very analog style of photography.

CameraBag 2 is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows platforms.


Download CameraBag 2:

iphoneography, iphone photo, mobile photo, photo app, CameraBag2

App Store link: CameraBag 2 for iPhone – Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

App Store link: CameraBag 2 HD for iPad – Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

Mac App Store link: CameraBag 2 for Mac OS – Nevercenter Ltd. Co.


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