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Polamatic Image Spectra film

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any real updates to the iPhone Polaroid apps. After all, there’s not much you can do once you’ve nailed the T-600 film and frame and all of its intricacies, right?

Polamatic (still $0.99) topped the game Thursday with its latest release. Polamatic 5.0 now features not just the classic T600 Polaroid film, but nine other films and frames as well.

In addition to the T600, film, Polamatic now features nine additional film types: Type 100, Type 80, SX-70, Image Spectra, 4×5 Film, 8×10 film, roll film, 300 film, and 500 film. Each film has a dozen or so tonal variations which mimic the real variations you would get using the films. Many of the variations have random chemical leaks and textures that can be rotated by a tap.

Each film has more borders and each one shows varying degrees of texture and wear. Each border is custom designed for the film, not stretched to fit which can cause weird frame distortions.

Polaroid, Polaroid app, iphone photo, instant photography, time zero, t600, spectra

The film recreations and borders look authentic. Even better, they look like you remember them. Polamatic is one of a small number of photo apps that’s licensed by Polaroid and that shows in the details you’ll find throughout the photos.

The interface has been redesigned as well and now features an even leaner look. And now everything is included in the cost of the app. There are no more extra in-app purchases.

iPhoneography – shoot and share instantly – can trace its roots back to the instant photography that Edwin land and Polaroid pioneered. I remember shooting with several of these films when I was a teen, especially the classic T600. That’s Polaroid to me and it reaches me on a nostalgic level like no other photo app recreation can. Yours may be the Spectra film or the double-lobed 500 film. Polamatic is the first Polaroid app to feature all of the company’s classic retro styles. Polamatic is the ultimate tribute to classic instant photography and a Polaroid enthusiast’s dream.

It’s great to see any good Polaroid app released or updated. This Polamatic update goes beyond maintenance, iOS 8 compatibility and bugfixes. It’s the comprehensive Polaroid photo app.


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App Store link: Polamatic by Polaroid – Dana Shakiba


Here’s the App Store description for Polamatic 5.0:

Well that took a while… let’s see here, what’s not new?

-Polaroid Film: this is our most exciting feature of this update. You are no longer bound to the classic Type 600 film. Choose from 10 different film types: Type 600, Type 100, Type 80, SX-70, Image Spectra, 4×5 Film, 8×10 Film, Roll Film, 300 Film, and 500 Film
-New film types include a unique set of borders and filters to capture the look of the film. Over 120 filters in this update.
-“No Film” option allows you to apply our Polaroid filters to your photo without adding a border
-Batch Importing: import multiple photos at once into your Polamatic library
-Over 20 new fonts
-A redesigned and improved app experience
-Faster image processing
-Oh and an awesome new icon

As always we will never ask you to rate the app with annoying popups but please remember your reviews are very important to us. If you have a moment please leave us a review and let us know how you feel about the update!

P.S. This past May marked the 3-year mark since the initial release of Polamatic. We have really enjoyed working on the app and take pride in bringing you the best possible Polaroid experience. When we set out to create this latest version, we knew we wanted to approach the app from the most authentic point possible. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could bring back all the classic film types from Polaroid? This is exactly what we did with this new update and are very pleased with the result – we hope you are too! Thank you to everyone who download the app and supported us from day one.