Photoshop, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Touch, Photoshop for iPhone

If you’re a subscriber to Adobe’s Creative Cloud program, there’s some worthwhile iOS updates coming your way today.

For Adobe iOS apps

First up is video sync. Adobe calls it Video on the go — Add, view, and share videos in your collections from your iPad or iPhone; sync to Lightroom CC. Lightroom for iOS also gets adjustable vignettes, and better color control with a new Color/B&W adjustment tool for both the iPhone and iPad version of Lightroom. The company has also added precise tone controls using a new Tone Curve adjustment tool.

Photoshop Mix for iOS also gets some new features, including Creative Cloud Libraries integration — Import your saved assets from and export to Creative Cloud Libraries; pull Photoshop documents (including layers and masks) into Photoshop Mix for editing on-the-go.

There is also Send to Lightroom — On your iPad or iPhone, add Mix creations to your Lightroom collections to organize, edit, enhance and share incredible images, anytime, anywhere. (Now with the ability to pull to save your creations to Lightroom).

There are also new editing capabilities — allowing you to work more easily with your photos with the ability to control opacity and flip them.

Auto Crop makes it easy to crop your shots using common sizes and ratios, including square, 4×6 and 3×5. (Previously only on iPad version).

Photoshop, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Touch, Photoshop for iPhone

Finally, and I think the most interesting, Shake Reduction — automatically reduce image blurring caused by camera motion.

These updated apps weren’t made available early to the press, so I’ll see them when you see them, but I’ll give them a thorough run through and report back on their significance.

Photoshop and Lightroom updates

If you are enrolled in Creative Cloud, that means you also have Photoshop and Lightroom running on your Mac, so there are solid updates on hand too. Photoshop gets some more noise and blur tools, but the big headline is increased performance of the heal and patch tools Previously, the edits appeared after you life took your finger off your mouse button. That’s when the rendering would take place. Now, you see the changes as you draw, which is a welcome update. I haven’t used the new features, but saw them demonstrated online and they looked great.

Lightroom has added an adjustable haze control, that looks very realistic. It also works in reverse, actually eliminating haze in your photos. The only problem, and this is a problem that Adobe needs to address is, that this feature is for Lightroom for the Mac and PC. It isn’t a feature that has migrated to iOS. As a result, you can’t adjust or edit photos this way on iOS. Yet, Adobe is using these technologies to completely integrate your workflow. For that to really be 100% useful, all features need to be on all platforms.
Final Thoughts

Even with that caveat, Adobe has generally embraced mobile and brought very powerful editing tools to the iPhone and iPad. With a $9.99 a month subscription, you are covered for your laptop, desktop, and your mobile devices. If you are serious about photography, the creative Crowd plan is worthy of your attention. If you are already on board, you’ve got some nice new features to enhance your images.


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App Store link: Adobe Photoshop Mix – Adobe

– Mel Martin