CNET is reporting today that Adobe will reboot Photoshop for iOS bringing sophisticated editing to our favorite mobile platform.

I knew something was up, as I am scheduled to be on a September 9 demo/conference call with Adobe, where they will doubtless roll the new apps out.

The software will be free, and has been being developed for some time now under the code name, Project Rigel.

The hope is to bring high end editing to phones and laptops. Expect to see highly regarded features like content aware fill and layers to the apps. It’s also said the app will feature face recognition, something that Photoshop for the Mac and PC lacks, at least for now.

I expect it is a daunting task to bring the Photoshop toolset to touch screen devices. It’s not the first foray into Photoshop on iOS for Adobe. The company recently killed Photoshop Touch for iOS which was really pretty underwhelming.

Adobe has some competition for photographers hearts and minds, with excellent apps like Pixelmator and Snapseed having loyal followings. Of course, Adobe is the strongman of digital editing, and will certainly use Photoshop to get more people to sign up for it’s Creative Cloud subscription service, which already offers a pretty slick iOS version of Lightroom.

We’ll have more as we know more.