jaime ferreyros

This kind of news always sucks. We lost Jaime Ferreyros Monday.

Jaime was one of iPhoneography’s early pioneers and premier artists. You’ve most likely seen his his work. His signature style of vivid colors and tones, muted in ethereal, dreamlike textures has been displayed on websites, in galleries, and high-profile shows throughout the world since the art form’s early days. His work was rarely abstract or fully surreal. I always found it to be more like a pleasant, faded, revisited memory.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jaime years ago at a Chicago Apple Store presentations organized by P1xels’ Knox Bronson. We needed to fill some time on our presentation. Jaime jumped on his iPhone and went to work. Watching him work with apps, color, and textures truly was like watching a master artist creating the vision in his head. Within minutes right in front of us, he’d created one of his works in his signature style.

Jaime was cool under pressure. Jaime was just cool. Tranquilo. And he had the ability to share that tranquility with those around him.

For all of his achievements, Jaime was truly the nicest guy you could meet. On Facebook, Jaime shared his photos, moments of his life, moments with his family. Giving. I can’t use the word humble to describe Jaime because he simply just shared who he was with a smile and kind words.

I consider Jaime my friend. I think everyone who met Jaime considered him their friend. He had an open way about him. We stayed in touch over the years, always meaning to connect again over Cuban food in Little Havana — I had told him that Dallas really doesn’t have any good Cuban food.

Jaime immersed himself in life. He celebrated it and it showed in all he shared with us.

Our time here is limited. The measure of what we leave is really how many people we’ve touched and effected, either in a positive or a negative way. Jaime reached and effected a lot of people just by being the creative, gentle soul that he is and that speaks a lot about him. A lot of people are gobsmacked by today’s news. I am one of them.

Sadly, today we lost one of the truly good ones. My heart goes out to his family and friends. There are a lot of them. Jaime was loved.

Buen viaje, hermano.