LrM 2.1 Split Image

Adobe continues its march to let photographers do sophisticated editing on their iPhones or iPads. Today, Adobe released version 2.2 of Lightroom for iOS, with many improvements, most notably full resolution output.

Adobe is a bit behind the curve here. Photographers certainly want full resolution output, and it should have been offered in the first iOS version. Most of the popular iOS apps support this, so I’m happy to see Adobe get this oft-requested feature baked into the software. I think it will result in much faster uptake from pros and serious photographers.

LrM 2.1 Shoot-through presetsOther features include 3D touch support in the Camera Roll. You can quickly preview your image your image with Peek &^ Pop when browsing Camera Roll photos in the app. Of course, 3D touch is only supported on the latest generation of iPhones.

This latest version of Lightroom also has a bunch of unspecified fixes, one that was resulting in crashes, so everyone should update.

There are two versions of the app, one for the iPad and one for the iPhone. Lightroom is free, but requires an Adobe ID. You’ll get more benefits if you are a Creative Cloud subscriber, like syncing across all platforms, and having access to the complete suite of Adobe tools at home or when mobile.

Having full resolution output is a major addition to Lightroom for iOS. I think the lack of the feature was one of the biggest complaints users had, so good for Adobe for recognizing it and getting this implemented.

Lightroom requires iOS 8.1 or later.