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Version 1.0
Price: $1.99

Rating 4 stars

Bottom Line: Infinicam is an excellent and highly recommend addition to your toolbox, broadening it with a diverse set of excellent analog film and border effects.

InfinicamWell, at least we now know that the folks at Nevercenter haven’t been merely resting on their CameraBag laurels.

Infinicam is their new photo app and like CameraBag it applies the high quality analog film effects one expects from Nevercenter. Unlike its sibling app, CameraBag, it has a brand new user interface with much more possible variations to apply to your photos.

infinicam iphoneTaken straight from the website:

Like CameraBag, Infinicam applies high quality effects to photos, but instead of having a set number of pre-defined camera styles, Infinicam offers an endless variety in a fun, stylish interface.

With each press of the New Camera button, Infinicam generates a new and unique randomized camera style which combines a wide array of photographic effects borrowed from analog cameras and film. These high quality effects go far beyond the usual range of toy camera styles, and Infinicam also features 18 high-quality film-style borders lovingly recreated to delight photography buffs. There are literally billions of possible camera styles to discover, with advanced algorithms in place to assure a high hit rate of unique, high quality results.

Infinicam might take a few minutes to figure out, but exploring all of the app’s features is worth it. Images can be taken within the app or loaded from your photo library. Original images are saved to your camera roll.

Infinicam is a pleasant mishmash of several other photo apps. It has filters with the extreme lo-fi and a broad selection of analog film borders with the same detail as lo-mob or PictureShow. There’s a lot of texture in each effect and frame like in Hipstamatic. Like Live FX, each effects combination features a code — a “recipe” you can save or share with other Infinicam users. While it’s easy to select individual film and border styles, the interface of the app encourages random generation, much like Plastic Bullet.

Like their other app, CameraBag, Infinicam applies a number of analog film effects to an image. This is where the similarities end and why Infinicam is its own app and not CameraBag 2. Infinicam has a greater number of more diverse film effects — something which would actually be nice to add in a CameraBag update. Infinicam also has a greater number of analog borders and frames ranging from slides to film edges to glass plate and many others. Infinicam can mash up each effect, filmstyle and frame randomly, which also makes it stand out from lo-mob. Each combination can be faved with the flip of a switch and named for later use. Using a 7-digit code generated by the combination of effects, recipes can be shared with other Infinicam users.

The effects are gorgeous. The film effects are well-rendered and look like the film styles they emulate. The colors (or lack of color), tones, hues and even film damage are all what you expect to see and are very well rendered. Some of the frame effects are so well done, they don’t look like they were created with an iPhone app (do you hear me “Notched”? I’m looking at you.)

The interface is easy to use. Either push a button or scroll the image to generate random effects. Specific styles and effects can be applied by accessing the menu through the 7 digit onscreen code. The app defaults to an excellent hint system that gives you helpful tips to using the app every time you start it up. There is almost no fluff in this app.

There’s a convenient cropping tool for custom crops in-app. One of my only complaints about the app is that the crop function doesn’t work as you’d expect. Cropping an image in-app doesn’t mean that the frames will conform to the image — it just reduces that much image for the frames to conform to. It’s not really a problem if you’re cropping a tall or wide image to work in a square frame, for example, but you’ll lose image on the top or sides if you try to apply a non-square frame to an image that you just cropped square.

Infinicam does not require you to purchase additional film and lens pack to get access to all of it’s wonderful effects. Everything is available when you purchase the app — a very nice feature that makes this app attractively priced. Infinicam saves images in any of several resolutions — handy for quick uploading or emailing. It supports the full resolution of your device — up to 5MP on an iPhone 4 if you don’t use borders. Using some of the borders may reduce the final size of the saved image. All still save at high resolution — plenty big for print, but it’s an issue that I hope is improved in a future update. The app runs on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iPhone OS 2.0 or newer — it supports every iDevice.

There are a lot of LOMO, lo-fi, and analog film filter apps available. Do you need one more? Yes. Infinicam is an excellent and highly recommended addition to your toolbox, broadening it with a diverse set of excellent analog film and border effects. Randomly flipping through the effects it creates will elicit a lot of wows.


Do you already have Infinicam? Share some of your favorite codes in the comments below.



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  • Miki

    N.B. Infinicam is a full resolution app if you do not use the borders. The borders crop the image to "aspect ratio" and lower the resolution of the image.

  • MartyNearDFW

    Hi, Miki,

    Thank you for pointing that out. I've updated my review to reflect that some of the borders reduce the saved image size.

    Again, images are still high resolution and of a usable size. Infinicam is still a great piece of software.


  • Miki

    i agree with your review, Marty! Infinicam is definitely a unique app and I've been using it very successfully. It's easy to get mesmerized by all the filters as you keep pushing the button…

  • MartyNearDFW

    Here are some of the first codes I faved in Infinicam:

    WBD-UY69 and CZF-X5R2 (I like old looking monochromes).

    I call JX0-83R0 "ToyCam Exp(ired)Film". I liked the color and vignette.

    Right now, most of my other faves are pretty conservative given the flexibility of the app.

  • Pepijn

    I also have this app and quite like it. Quite. Some filters are just way too much & I do like to have some contrast most of the time.

    Anyway, here are the results of my filters…

    Blitz > U24-3CL2

    Clack Craque > RX2-UELC

    Delirium > PP7-K8WC

    Dutronc > 8T4-Q9T3

    Gitane > 5ND-ZRP4

    Impakt > U9U-5JWC

    Proust > RW7-XFR1

    Radiola > AF9-P7HC

    Tati > 41X-QRJ5

    Have fun….

  • Pepijn

    BTW love JX0-83R0 (I used zero's and not the letter o). Very cool effect!

  • Knox Bronson


    Thanks so much for this review. Am purchasing this moment & texted Maia to check it out.

    As far as frames go, I am on a mission to get people away from them. They were fine for posting on flickr, but now that we are finally beginning to take the art form seriously and hanging good prints, we do not need frames. Only rarely do they add to the picture.

  • MartyNearDFW

    Hi, Knox,

    Even without frames, which is very easy to do in Infinicam, the app creates very nice analog film effects.


  • Knox Bronson

    How do I turn off frames? Love the effects!

  • Miki

    knox: simply tap on the photo and scroll down to the film section, hit "none."

    one of my favorite filters: Retro Round 8BB-HZ10

  • kludger

    Nice app, has anyone figured out how to delete favorites?

  • Miki


    simply turn the little switch on the left downwards to the dot symbol. That takes the filter off your favorites list.

  • kludger

    Wow thanks, good to know so I could delete some of the accidental favorites (they need to add a cancel button when saving a favorite), also good to know so I don't accidentally delete a favorite.

  • ami

    Downloaded it yesterday and think it needs some testing before judging. However I do belive it will be fun to use. THanks for the tip about the frames taking some of the photos size.

  • Rob

    Never mind. The trick is to hold down the new camera button until the style code window pops up.

  • Moxx

    do you know how to rename a favorite ?