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BadCamera is a new “stressed film” camera app from Objectify that is based on three analog film mistakes. The app applies Light Leak, Damaged/Expired Film, or Emulsion Leak effects to an image. You can also apply a pretty cheesy 90’s-inspired “Saved By The Bell” border that will make you a little uncomfortable if you were there and remember how graphic design looked in the 90’s. It’s a camera, so the app doesn’t load images from your photo roll.

We’ve got 7 free promo codes to give away. Click past the jump for more. >>>

Right now, I’ve got free promo codes to give away to seven random readers who request one in the comments below. To win, request a code in the comments below. Cut-off time to enter is 6:00 PM Central Time today, Tuesday, October 12, 2010. Winners will be determined by random selection.

This is for the full version of BadCamera, not the feature limited, watermarked Lite version. These codes unlock the full version of the app — all 50 effects — and remove the watermark. These codes work with a U.S. App Store account only and will not work in any other country. One code per reader, please. If you’re one of the winners, be sure I can email or DM you somehow.

BadCamera is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch 4th gen and requires iOS 4.0 or later. It supports the full resolution of your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you miss out on a free code, BadCamera is free to download and tryout in the App Store with an additional in-app purchase of $1.99 to unlock the full version and remove the watermark from the images.



Many thanks to Chad Phillips from for providing the free promo codes.

UPDATE: That’s it! I’ve got to go watch some baseball, so let’s give away some promo codes. The Random Integer Generator has decided! Commenters #2, 3, 10, 12, 17, 29, 37 have won promo codes for the full version of BadCamera. Congratulations! If you won, I’ll email your promo codes within a day. =M=