Problems Surfacing with New Instagram 2.0 Update

UPDATE 12.16.12: You might also want to take a look at our much more recent post, “Checking Out Some of the Not-So-Great Stuff in Instagram’s New Update”, to find out what’s wrong with the latest Instagram update 3.2.0.

As Nox Dineen has already reported today on Life In LoFi, the new Instagram 2.0 update is out and it’s got a new icon and some pretty spiffy features. It’s also got a few issues that are causing problems with Instagrammers. Some of the filters didn’t make the update, including the popular Gotham and Poprocket filters (there are plenty of other new filters, though).

Also, some users are reporting that after updating the app, their photos are uploading to Instagram as a black square. Instagram is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. In the meantime, click past the jump to read more, including some band-aid fixes until the update is released.

This is straight from the Instagram Support Center:

My photo uploads as a black square

This is a known issue on v2.0 that we are currently investigating. Restarting your phone should fix this problem until we are able to find a more permanent solution.  The problem seems to be related to applying linear tilt shift to photos. If restarting your phone doesn’t help, please refrain from using linear tilt-shift on your photos.

We’d appreciate if you could email Instagram with the following details about your photo-upload process so we can resolve this issue as soon as possible.

1) iOS version (open the Settings app, tap General > About)
2) Device type (iPhone4, 3GS, etc.)
3) Does restarting your phone help?
4) What filter are you using?
5) Was the photo from the library or taken in the app?
6) Did you use tilt shift on the photo? (If so, try uploading the photo without using tilt shift)

With the various issues with this update (and more sure to surface), holding off on updating is something to consider until 2.0.1 is released. If you’ve already updated to Instagram 2.0, you might be able to downgrade back to an older 1.x version of the app.

See our classic post, “How to Downgrade Apps on your iPhone” for more information.



Thanks to reader Chase Masters for first posting this info on Life In LoFi’s Facebook page.

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  • Can you comment on what other filters are gone?

    One issue I have had since I have upgraded to the newest iOS, is the "open in" api seems to not work for Instagram. I was hoping the new IG update would fix this. I will try a reset and see if that cures it.

    • Here's a listing of the old and new filters that made it to the updated Instagram 2.0:

      Instagram 1.8.x filters:

      X-Pro II
      Lord Kelvin

      Instagram 2.0 filters:

      X-pro II

      • It looks like we lost Apollo, Poprocket and Gotham, but gained Amaro, Rise, Hudson and Valencia.

  • They took poprocket once before. Apollo was one of my faves. Why do they take away perfectly good features?

  • Oniontears

    Looks like some people are posting old/new comparisons of some of the filters. I saw a few for the Earlybird fliter. It does look different than the old version. So, it looks like existing filters may be different than the pre 2.0 ones. Maybe they have to be for the full resolution output?

  • mr_timney

    Besides the fact that Gotham, Apollo & Poprocket were remove (beyond mad about that), the 4 new filters are weak, generic & bland. And on top of that all the others that by name seem to be the same & included have been tweaked, messed with & altered into watered down versions of their previous namesakes. Thus Yes "Earlybird" is still included in the 2.0 update… But it is not the same filter effect, it is recreated watered down filter effect of the original. i.e.: think ShakeItPhoto updates where they changed the filter effects & everyone was in an uproar over the new resulting effects. I personally am anything but impressed with v2.0, I mean waiting a year to have full res saves & the ability to apply filters without borders & then they remove the filters I liked & wanted to use these features with. Update to 2.0 is NOT worth the hassle! Three steps forward, took them two steps backwards as a result!

  • zeech

    Super bummed that Gotham isn’t in the new update……. Is that a bug or do you know? There are very few B&W filters, I have no clue why they would do that intentionally.

  • zeech

    Me_timney is absolutely right about the new filters not even looking the same as their pre 2.0 ones. This sucks. Need to get back to the old version.

  • ded2theworld

    Myself and @chrysti started a thread #ig2updatedemos if you want to see some of the comparisons of the filters and indeed they have all changed! A good example is the 1977 filter which they removed the texture and removed the contrast, it looks bland. I hope they change the filters back in next update, till then going back to previous version.

  • i've been so disappointed with the update. i don't like how they've changed the tilt shift filter, and also i've been getting that black square problem! have reverted back to the old IG and will keep using that for a while longer….

    • help! plz

      how do you downgrade it?

  • Connie Graham Terry

    I have been having problems with the new update not saving any edited pictures (both from camera and camera roll) unless they are posted. I used to be able to process them but not post and they would save. I've turned on the save settings in the settings app, even tried turning them off and then back on and restarting my phone. Still no love. I agree about the filters, they seem a bit "weaker". I like them okay though and I liked the old ones. Can't we have both? 😉

  • Cam

    It said for me to update my instagram under my app notifications and when i did my instagram never changed, i still have the old version but it says its insalled! How can i fix this problem?

  • Tina

    I have the same problem as Cam. The app icon is the new one but the app itself is still the old one…

  • mr_timney

    @ Cam & Tina if you both are using an iPhone 3G not 3GS or 4, then that is how it is. The v2.0 new camera/filter updates were not designed for anything less than a 3GS.

    If you do have a 3GS or 4, then it is just an install glitch, Delete app, reboot & reinstall.

    But… that said I personally won't be updating to 2.0 (i deleted it & reinstalled the previous version) not the new v2.01 update that has just been submitted. They fact that the filters have been so Fk'd I just won't accept watered down crap. @kevin of IG really has released the biggest turd of a Fk-up from 2.0+ & their investors will be seeing a decline very soon after such a disastrous 2.0 downgraded update.

  • z0mbitr0n

    @Mr_timney: I also reverted back to the old version, but now it’s not allowing me to tag my posts. Have you been having this issue?

  • fulden

    oh ok, for a week im trying to upgrade my instagram, and on the features section of this app; it says: "☆ Works with first generation, 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4", then here, i learn it's not working with 3G?

    thank you all.

  • help


  • Mas7vic

    I no longer receive notifications for comments,likes & followers how can I fix this I currently use a iPhone

  • Carlie

    U have a droid (samsung captivate) and my issue has been when I use the circle or line filter thst makes it fuzzy around it (not sure of the technical name..) Where it should just be fuzzy it turns black or gray. Very annoying – I loved that filter. Anyone know what’s causing this?? Thanks!

  • Ginger

    Whenever I try to upload an image it will freeze while processing and then proceed to freeze my phone. Causing me to have to take the battery out. :T Any help? I’m not even sure if it’s possible to downgrade.