iPhoneography Spotlight: Lynette Jackson

No. 255 by Lynette Jackson

We’ve been posting the weekly Faved On Flickr showcase since August of 2010. Recently, you may have noticed a lot of images from an iPhoneographer who goes by Page67. That would be Lynette Jackson. Her abstracts caught my eye last summer and she’s been a regular on the weekly showcase since. Her style is unique and mixes high contrast photography, architecture, typography and geometry. I really like her work.

We had a chance to get caught up with Lynette recently. Click past the jump to find out more about this fascinating iPhoneographer.

Life In LoFi: Hi, Lynette! I’ve loved your works since you started sharing your abstracts in LoFi’s Flickr Group last year. You have a very distinct style. Thanks for spending some time with us today.

Let’s start by telling a little about yourself — where you’re from, your background, what you do — things like that.

Lynette Jackson:  I live in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia and work in the Telecommunication industry. As a creative outlet, I have always spent time drawing, painting, and now creating photo images. Although photography is a hobby I have a few clients that I shoot for on a regular basis. Mobile photography has increased my love for photography.

LOFI: What got you started in iPhoneography?

LJ: I am a visual junkie and often surf the internet soaking up photography and design. About two years ago, while surfing I stumbled upon Sion Fullana and instantly intrigued with his iPhoneography. I wanted more information, so I googled “iPhoneography blogs” and a few blogs, including Life in LoFi appeared. Your site legitimized mobile photography for me. I downloaded some photography apps and have been shooting & experimenting since.

LOFI: Do you shoot with other cameras as well?

LJ: I have two Canon DSLR’s which I use for shooting my client’s projects and a Panasonic GF2 as my second camera during vacation.

LOFI: How does shooting with the iPhone compare? Do you shoot any differently with the two?

LJ: A DSLR is straight forward; an iPhone is limiting which forces me to be creative. The most challenging thing about the iPhone is the perspective issue. I prefer shooting with my iPhone in public, it’s less conspicuous than a DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached.

LOFI: What is “Lynette Jackson’s style?” What do you like to shoot and why?

LJ: I’m not sure if I have a style, but I am inspired by monochromatic photography, modern architecture, and International Style graphic design. I will shoot anything that moves me, landscapes, light & shadows, buildings, but I have a phobia about shooting people — street photography. I don’t want strangers to catch me taking candid shots of them. I love photography as a creative outlet. It gives you instant gratification.

Mixed_002. Image 03.

Mixed-Diamond Bar Road.Image 01.

LOFI: I’ve gone back through the images that you’ve shared. You first caught my eye with “Mixed_002. Image 03.” last summer. That whole series was very grungy. I really liked the way you incorporated the type and very stark imagery in those photos. Same thing with “Mixed-Diamond Bar Road.Image 01.” Please tell us about those series’ of images.

LJ: Through Flickr I discovered great artists like Mark Weaver, Stéphane Massa-Bidal, and Ophelia Chong. I was inspired by their handmade and digital collages. So I challenged myself to create similar collages on my iPhone, the results is the Mixed series, not even close to their masterpieces, but it was great fun.

LOFI: Your more recent work is cleaner, less grungy, more abstract and architectural. Tell us more about your recent work.

LJ: In the beginning I was skeptical about architecture as my main subject, but I decided that I should shoot and experiment with things that inspire me. I found ads that Richard Paul Lohse’s created for the Wohnbedarf’s furniture company in 1955 and 1965. The layout is simple and brilliant — a monochromatic image, a simple rectangular color overlay, typography, and great use of space. Each day I am inspired by those layouts.

LOFI: Out of your own photographs, do you have a favorite?

LJ: I don’t have a favorite photograph, but perhaps two favorite moments since I started posting my iPhoneography online. On Instagram I post in series of four, and two series, No._253-256 and No._285-288 is when things seem to fit and work. The series represent a simple blend of 2-3 images, but I found a look that worked for me.

No.286 Mixed-Red


LOFI: What other artists or photographers inspire you?

LJ: I was just recently introduced to Aitor Oritz, but Julius Shulman, Alex Varanese, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Oscar Neimeyer, Richard Neutra, Alex Lustig, Richard Paul Lohse, and Sion Fullana to name a few. Music is also a constant source of inspiration. I am inspired daily by work posted on Flickr and Instagram.

LOFI: Care to share some of your favorite photo apps?

LJ: My apps for processing are SnapSeed, CameraMatic, PictureShow, FilmLab, MagicHour. For  design, it’s iDesign, StripeCam, PicFrame, Decim8, ImageBlender, and Phonto. I use the iPhone Camera for shooting.

LOFI: Where are you currently showing your works — online and in brick-and-mortar galleries?

LJ:  Flicker/p67, iphoneart.com/P67_byLynetteJackson, I post almost daily on Instagram as @P67_byLynetteJackson.

LOFI: Lynette, again, thank you for taking some time to talk with us.

LJ: Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my mobile photography journey. I am excited to have this medium as a form of expression and I am very grateful for the people who take time to visit my work.

LOFI: We look forward to seeing more of your work.




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  • http://maxsiphotos.tumblr.com Max Berkowitz

    So glad to see Lynette featured here! I immediately fell in love with her graphical style when I discovered her work here on your Faved on Flickr a couple of weeks ago.

    Thanks for sharing Marty! Congrats LJ.

    • http://twitter.com/MAXSiPHOTOS @MAXSiPHOTOS

      For those of you who like graphical style and/or poster art…check out Jamaican artist Michael Thompson's work on Flickr:

      No iPhone but fantastic work! Enjoy.

  • http://adorafiora-photography.blogspot.com/ Ramona Gillentine

    WoW! Thanks for introducing me to Page67, great artist – I am loving her style!

  • http://twenty200.com Rob

    Love! This! Spotlight! Series! Lynette Jackson's work is phenomenal. In fact, it's inspiring. In particular, the first of the final three of her images on this page really wows me. So simple. So effective. Wow.

  • jaboss1969

    Like the rest of you, I've become a fan after seeing her work. Always look forward to new pieces. Also, really enjoy how she puts mobile photography/iPhoneography into historical perspective of those who have inspired her work. Nice job. Nice interview.


  • http://photoappinion.posterous.com Darrel

    She deserves the praise. I've been jealous of her skills for quite a while. 😉

  • mikey

    Great feature, so good to see such different/experimental work.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/p67 Lynette Jackson

    Marty, thanks again for featuring me in the spotlight. I truly appreciate the positive reponses.

  • http://andrewbwhite.tumblr.com/ Andrew B. White

    Great stuff Lynette – you have great work and very unique – a real stand out.

  • @jennifereford

    I've been noticing Lynette's work lately too, and I have to say it caught my eye right away. So glad to get to "meet" her and learn a little more about her and her process. Thanks, Lynette and Marty!

  • http://www.urbancurse.tumblr.com NJCarron

    Glad to see one if my favorite Instagram artists featured on this valuable resource, Life In LoFi… Her work stands out incredibly and continued to amaze and inspire! Well deserved Lynette!

  • Guy

    Been a fan of Lynette's work for awhile now. It's pretty cool to see her get wider recognition for her art! Keep up the good work Lynette!