No. 255 by Lynette Jackson

We’ve been posting the weekly Faved On Flickr showcase since August of 2010. Recently, you may have noticed a lot of images from an iPhoneographer who goes by Page67. That would be Lynette Jackson. Her abstracts caught my eye last summer and she’s been a regular on the weekly showcase since. Her style is unique and mixes high contrast photography, architecture, typography and geometry. I really like her work.

We had a chance to get caught up with Lynette recently. Click past the jump to find out more about this fascinating iPhoneographer.

Life In LoFi: Hi, Lynette! I’ve loved your works since you started sharing your abstracts in LoFi’s Flickr Group last year. You have a very distinct style. Thanks for spending some time with us today.

Let’s start by telling a little about yourself — where you’re from, your background, what you do — things like that.

Lynette Jackson:  I live in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia and work in the Telecommunication industry. As a creative outlet, I have always spent time drawing, painting, and now creating photo images. Although photography is a hobby I have a few clients that I shoot for on a regular basis. Mobile photography has increased my love for photography.

LOFI: What got you started in iPhoneography?

LJ: I am a visual junkie and often surf the internet soaking up photography and design. About two years ago, while surfing I stumbled upon Sion Fullana and instantly intrigued with his iPhoneography. I wanted more information, so I googled “iPhoneography blogs” and a few blogs, including Life in LoFi appeared. Your site legitimized mobile photography for me. I downloaded some photography apps and have been shooting & experimenting since.

LOFI: Do you shoot with other cameras as well?

LJ: I have two Canon DSLR’s which I use for shooting my client’s projects and a Panasonic GF2 as my second camera during vacation.

LOFI: How does shooting with the iPhone compare? Do you shoot any differently with the two?

LJ: A DSLR is straight forward; an iPhone is limiting which forces me to be creative. The most challenging thing about the iPhone is the perspective issue. I prefer shooting with my iPhone in public, it’s less conspicuous than a DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached.

LOFI: What is “Lynette Jackson’s style?” What do you like to shoot and why?

LJ: I’m not sure if I have a style, but I am inspired by monochromatic photography, modern architecture, and International Style graphic design. I will shoot anything that moves me, landscapes, light & shadows, buildings, but I have a phobia about shooting people — street photography. I don’t want strangers to catch me taking candid shots of them. I love photography as a creative outlet. It gives you instant gratification.

Mixed_002. Image 03.

Mixed-Diamond Bar Road.Image 01.

LOFI: I’ve gone back through the images that you’ve shared. You first caught my eye with “Mixed_002. Image 03.” last summer. That whole series was very grungy. I really liked the way you incorporated the type and very stark imagery in those photos. Same thing with “Mixed-Diamond Bar Road.Image 01.” Please tell us about those series’ of images.

LJ: Through Flickr I discovered great artists like Mark Weaver, Stéphane Massa-Bidal, and Ophelia Chong. I was inspired by their handmade and digital collages. So I challenged myself to create similar collages on my iPhone, the results is the Mixed series, not even close to their masterpieces, but it was great fun.

LOFI: Your more recent work is cleaner, less grungy, more abstract and architectural. Tell us more about your recent work.

LJ: In the beginning I was skeptical about architecture as my main subject, but I decided that I should shoot and experiment with things that inspire me. I found ads that Richard Paul Lohse’s created for the Wohnbedarf’s furniture company in 1955 and 1965. The layout is simple and brilliant — a monochromatic image, a simple rectangular color overlay, typography, and great use of space. Each day I am inspired by those layouts.

LOFI: Out of your own photographs, do you have a favorite?

LJ: I don’t have a favorite photograph, but perhaps two favorite moments since I started posting my iPhoneography online. On Instagram I post in series of four, and two series, No._253-256 and No._285-288 is when things seem to fit and work. The series represent a simple blend of 2-3 images, but I found a look that worked for me.

No.286 Mixed-Red


LOFI: What other artists or photographers inspire you?

LJ: I was just recently introduced to Aitor Oritz, but Julius Shulman, Alex Varanese, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Oscar Neimeyer, Richard Neutra, Alex Lustig, Richard Paul Lohse, and Sion Fullana to name a few. Music is also a constant source of inspiration. I am inspired daily by work posted on Flickr and Instagram.

LOFI: Care to share some of your favorite photo apps?

LJ: My apps for processing are SnapSeed, CameraMatic, PictureShow, FilmLab, MagicHour. For  design, it’s iDesign, StripeCam, PicFrame, Decim8, ImageBlender, and Phonto. I use the iPhone Camera for shooting.

LOFI: Where are you currently showing your works — online and in brick-and-mortar galleries?

LJ:  Flicker/p67,, I post almost daily on Instagram as @P67_byLynetteJackson.

LOFI: Lynette, again, thank you for taking some time to talk with us.

LJ: Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my mobile photography journey. I am excited to have this medium as a form of expression and I am very grateful for the people who take time to visit my work.

LOFI: We look forward to seeing more of your work.