Gangster Squad FreePak Now Available in Hipstamatic! (UPDATE)

Hipstamatic has released another movie tie-in FreePak today. The Gangster Squad FreePak is available as a free in-app download now. It shoots photos inspired by the aesthetic of Gangster Squad, the forthcoming movie set in the 1940s, starring Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Sean Penn as notorious mobster Mickey Cohen, with Nick Nolte and Emma Stone.

It’s available for a limited time. You’ve probably already started your download by now, but if you want to see more details, click past the jump. >>>

The new FreePak comes with a new lens, film and case:

  • Gsquad Lens: produces vibrant tones with an antique feel
  • GS-0 Film: this carefully cropped circular film on warm paper adds a unique emphasis to prints
  • Gangster Deco Camera Case: virtual stainless steel case with art deco leather grip.

Even with the film branding, I think the case looks pretty cool. With a faux-metal case and leather-looking trim, it adds the aesthetic of an old 1930’s-40’s film camera. The non-functioning shutter speed adjustments on the lens barrel are a nice touch.

I like the new film and think it’s one of the better ones that Hipstamatic have released in a while. The film adds an old-looking overall yellow cast, making the image feel slightly faded and warm. This new lens reminds me of the limited edition Tejas lens (which I still use often) except with less red.

The new film has a circular frame. I’m not a huge fan of circular frames, but at least the GS-O Film has softer edges than is often found in other apps that add a circular frame.

The new case will be fun. I like how Hipstamatic sometimes break away from the late 70’s plastic mould (sorry… pun intended) and give us some really neat period cases.

Hipstamatic’s Gangster Squad FreePak is available in-app now for a limited time — only until December 5th, so grab it fast. There’s more to this update that we can’t talk about until later today, so check back.

UPDATE 1: Gangster Squad and Hipstamatic Photo Contest

Warner Bros. Pictures and Hipstamatic will host a photo contest to drive excitement for the Gangster Squad FreePak and movie. Beginning today and running for six weeks, Hipstamatic users can download the FreePak, snap photos, and enter a contest from directly within the Hipstamatic app. Photo submissions will be judged by director Ruben Fleischer, and one winner will receive a Canon D Mark III.

UPDATE 2: RetroPaks 1 and 2 are available again for Thanksgiving weekend

Hipstamatic have again opened the vaults. Both RetroPaks are available now for a limited time as an in-app purchase in Hipstamatic. This is a good opportunity to get caught up on most of the previous yet now-deleted Hipsta films, flashes and lenses.

If you don’t already have it, Hipstamatic is $1.99 for the base configuration. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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  • @katehailey

    this looks fun! reminds me of the '70's… good timing for the holiday season!

  • @JoViKe

    I keep checking back for the rest of the story – have to sleep soon!

  • Robyn | gemini606

    I've been refreshing for hours! Don't leave us hanging! Lol

  • Amado

    Lowy GoodPac Perhaps?

  • Lady Greensleeves

    I *adore* the lens & the case, too, but I’m not completely sure about the film. I have to play around with it. I think I could get to like it. :)

    Hey, while I’m here, does anybody’s Foxy lens have a slight “dust / scratches” effect to it? Mine *did*, but when I updated the app almost *right* after downloading that Pak, those particular effects suddenly disappeared. The Hipsta guys haven’t been very helpful. Any thoughts, please pleeeaaase? Thanks. :)

    • Amado

      Mine has always had the cloudy corners and some lens scratch. Double tap the viewfinder to enlarge it. You can see them more clearly. Also holding down on the enlarged viewfinder makes it refocus. My settings are on precision viewfinder and higher quality prints.

  • Roger C

    I like the texture and feel of this Gangster Squad package a lot BUT I don't like the circular frame, is there any option all to turn it off?

  • brobley

    the film is lovely

  • Mr. John

    Would love to download it if only Hipstamatic still launched without crashing. Hipstamatic hasn't worked for months—not since the last update in October.