The New Brighton HipstaPak Finally Available for Hipstamatic Users

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I just got word from Hipstamatic that the Brighton HipstaPak has finally been approved by Apple and it should start showing up in your Hipstamarts soon, if not already. Also released today is a Hipstmatic update, which is just a bug fix release.

Many of us have been waiting for this. Finally, it’s First Friday. Delayed over a week after the pak’s late Thursday release in Hipstamatic Oggl, the new Brighton HipstaPak can be purchased in the app’s Hipstamart for $0.99.

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hipstamatic oggl brighton hipstapak, doris lens, sussex film

Hipstamatic 235 iPhoneThe Brighton HipstaPak contains a new lens and film. The new Doris lens is warm, “sandy,” and contrasty. The lens adds a lot of green to your image. It also adds subtle, random light leaks.

The new Sussex film has slightly burned edges. It adds just a little bit of grit, dust and noise to the image. When comparing the same image using Blanko film, I’m seeing that it adds just a little more green to your photo. You can read all about both in my previous post about Brighton’s release on Oggl.

Unfortunately, there is no new case or flash with this update.

I’ve had a chance to shoot with it in Oggl this past week and I really like the warm, summery look of the film and lens combo. Like anything with the Tejas lens, it will probably be one of my go to combinations.

Last Friday, Hipstamatic posted to their Facebook page, “The new Brighton HipstaPak! Available in Oggl and will be available in Hipstamatic Classic as soon as the in-app purchase is approved by Apple.” Looking at some of the comments on the post since, many Hipstamatic users were not happy about this delay.

Although you now can copy your HipstaPak purchases to Oggl, the transfer does not work from Oggl back to Hipstamatic. This works well for users who have opted not to subscribe to Oggl where you can get the entire Hipstamatic lens and film collections as part of your quarterly or annual subscription.

I contacted Hipstamatic this week. Turns out this delay actually was an Apple issue. I hope that this all gets sorted out before the next HipstaPak release. Several recent HipstaPaks have ended up streeting later than advertised — sometimes much later.

At first, many users were angrily speculating that this delay felt more like an attempt to get them to pony up for the Oggl subscription to use the new pak if they wanted to shoot with it first. However, I can’t see the logic of a company willingly hacking off many of its most passionate, evangelistic and most vocal core users. The late release, according to the company, was caused by a delay in getting approval from Apple.

I think Oggl is the more functional of the two apps. The ability to change lens and film combinations any time after the shot is a great feature that really compliments the app’s excellent gear. However, from a nostalgic standpoint, I enjoy shooting with Hipstamatic more. Its plastic toy camera interface appeals to me on a nostalgic level. Hipstamatic is their flagship app and it’s one of the most accurate analog shooting experiences in the App Store. I think it’s certainly the most fun.

Regardless, the new pak is now available for both apps. Go… download! You’ve been waiting!

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  • Mr Timney

    ” Love it! Got it first with my Oggl subscription”

    Bahahaha not a chance in hell will I ever use, buy or support Oggl!

    Love it! Got it first with my Oggl subscription
    Love it! Got it first with my Oggl subscription

    • Marty Yawnick

      Sorry, Patrick. I forgot to put that one as an option…. 😉


      • Mr Timney


  • Barry Spock

    I did get a 3month sub to oggl when it first came out but the two dials for changing filters are ridiculously small, and I basically found that I prefer Hipsta way more. The sub won’t be renewed.

    The upside of this delay is that _in theory_ it should only be another two weeks until more new gear. Anyone think that gonna happen?

  • LarsVon

    I like the pac, but now I’m hearing oggl is creating all sorts of memory problems because of how it stores unedited photos? :(

  • kevinbuchananphoto

    I thought I’d hate it and stick with the original, but I have found myself genuinely enjoying Oggl and payed the subscription pretty quickly.

  • norbu56

    I think that the Oggl subscription is good for users who hasn’t purchased all the Hipsta Packs. Not like me. I think also that a discount on the annual fee must be offered to who already owns all the pack like me.

  • Mikkel

    Am I The only one having derimod problems on ios7?

  • jshnrz

    i got it using the Hclassic, never bothered to DL the oggl app not until last week. it very interesting since its much more easier to switch between lenses. it seems that our weather here in our country is almost rainy, im having experiments on trying the brighton on an indoor center and see how it goes.