Take Live Photos without a new iPhone

November 5, 2015 0

Want to take Live Photos on your older iPhone, a feature that only appears on the newest iPhones? We have three good work-arounds for you that are free, and you’ll be taking kinda-sorta Live Photos in no time. [Read more]

INSTAGRAM Web Interface Gets a New Makeover

June 10, 2015 11

The Instagram web interface is getting a makeover and the new user interface has rolling out to users this week. Basically, they removed what little flair the web interface had and didn’t replace it with any worthwhile tools. [Read more]

Using Squaready to Crop Instagram Pics

December 27, 2012 9

Squaready Pro is an easy to use utility that crops a photo into square format, then lets you easily share it straight to Instagram. It not only crops down, but lets you shrink full landscape or portrait photos into the frame. [Read more]

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