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Review: Layout is an OK free collage maker from Instagram

March 24, 2015 – 5:44 pm | Edit Post
instagram, layout, layout for instagram, collage, iphone, photo, iphoneography, mobile photo

We take a look at Layout from Instagram, a new, free iPhone photo app that will easily create some very nice photo collages. It’s easy to use and will meet a lot of people’s needs if you want quick and dirty.

Goodbye Insta Apps. Instagram Puts the Hammer Down.

August 21, 2013 – 5:29 pm | Edit Post
Statigram, screen, Instagram

Instagram has recently updated its brand guidelines. Developers of many third-party Instagram support apps can no longer use “Insta” or “Gram” in the names if they wish to continue using the APIs and linking to the mammoth social network.

Combo Apps: The Videogram Hype Direction, by Tina Rice

August 17, 2013 – 4:25 pm | Edit Post
iphone video, Instagram, Vine, Tina Rice

With the recent introduction of short video clips on Instagram, Combo Apps blogger Tina Rice has written a great post covering many iPhone videography apps that we don’t cover here that’s worth a look.

Instagram 4.1 Update Out Now! Import Video and Auto-Straighten Photos!

August 7, 2013 – 7:58 pm | Edit Post
Instagram, 4.1, updated, import video, auto-straighten

Instagram was updated today. You can now import videos from your camera roll. Plus, Instagram can now instantly and automatically straighten your photos when you take them using the Instagram app.

Cool Link: A Semi-Philosophical Reflection on InstaGram & Hipstamatic

June 24, 2013 – 7:46 pm | Edit Post
Hipstamatic, John S

In case you missed it elsewhere, here’s a great musing by another iPhoneographer/Graphic Designer, Ted Villa, posted to his blog ExUrban. It’s great piece more about the visceral aspect of shooting with Hipstamatic and Instagram and less about the technical aspect.

Facebook Announces Instagram Video

June 20, 2013 – 1:23 pm | Edit Post

At their mysterious “new product” event, Facebook announced Instagram video. This is a huge new feature for Instagram that raises the stakes in the Facebook vs. Twitter wars.

Using Squaready to Crop Instagram Pics

December 27, 2012 – 7:47 am | Edit Post
squaready, crop instagram photos

Squaready Pro is an easy to use utility that crops a photo into square format, then lets you easily share it straight to Instagram. It not only crops down, but lets you shrink full landscape or portrait photos into the frame.

Instagram Update: We’re Sorry So Here’s a New Filter

December 21, 2012 – 1:17 am | Edit Post
Instagram, for iPhone

Those of us who have stuck with Instagram this week have been rewarded with a new update. Instagram 3.4.0 gets a new filter, Mayfair, and a bit of former functionality gets restored. Still a lot that hasn’t been restored.

“Thank you, and we’re listening” – Instagram Responds

December 18, 2012 – 4:38 pm | Edit Post

In a new post on blog.instagram, Mr. Systrom offers acknowledgement of the outcry of the community, further explanations for the relevant new clauses, and announces that Instagram will remove the language in the new Terms of Use concerning whether or not your photos can be part of an advertisement.

We Compare Instagram’s New Terms of Service

December 17, 2012 – 11:01 pm | Edit Post
Instagram Terms of Service

There’s a lot of panic about Instagram’s new TOS. I think most of it is unfounded. Drawing on my two semesters of Contract Law, I take a look at the relevant new terms from Instagram.

Checking Out Some of the Not-So-Great Stuff in Instagram’s New Update

December 11, 2012 – 5:25 pm | Edit Post
Instagram, for iPhone

Yesterday, the Instagram 3.2 update was released. Looks like the new IG update may need a big bug-fix update. Keep reading to find out what’s changed in a bad way in the new Instagram 3.2. …

Instagram’s New Update Has a Lot of New Stuff

December 10, 2012 – 6:46 pm | Edit Post
Instagram, for iPhone

The new Instagram 3.2 update has just hit the App Store. For an Instagram update, it’s heavy on new features and light on the tweaks and bug fixes. It’s not a bad update and includes an new interface, filter and other goodies.