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The iPhone 5: An iPhoneographer’s Hands-on Review

September 23, 2012 24

You can read more detailed reviews of how the iPhone 5 functions as a phone elsewhere. I’ve spent the past two days putting the iPhone 5’s camera through its paces, finding what works in the new camera, what doesn’t, and what is overhyped. There are a couple of issues with the camera that I’m surprised none of the other outlets have picked up on yet. [Read more]

It’s iPhone 5! Great phone! Minor camera update.

September 12, 2012 27

Much to the surprise of the seven people who haven’t been following the rumors all over the web, Apple announced the iPhone 5 today. The rumors and leaked photos turned out to be accurate. The new iPhone is taller and thinner. The phone itself is an exciting upgrade. It has some great performance improvements. From an iPhoneographer’s perspective, the camera, though, is only a moderate update from the iPhone 4S. Read on for more details. [Read more]

New photos of iPhone 5 leaked?

August 31, 2012 0

New photos of a device that may be a prototype of the new iPhone 5 have surfaced, this time on a French website, It contains several images which are also watermarked from Asian website, It’s shown compared to both iPhone 4 series and iPhone series devices. It’s in line with other leaked images that have been reported, including some I’ve reported here that I feel are reliable. [Read more]

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