The iPhone Turns 10 Today

January 9, 2017 0

10 years ago today, Steve Jobs took the stage at MacWorld 2007 to introduce the iPhone. Watch the original Steve Jobs iPhone keynote from MacWorld here. [Read more]

SkyLab for iOS makes sky replacement easy

May 25, 2016 1

When my non-photographer friends see a clear day they often tell me it’s a great day for taking pictures. Of course photographers know that clouds are good, not bad. They add interest to landscape photos, and overcasts skies are often best for portraits. Clear skies are usually not so great. [Read more]

ProShot will please feature-hungry iPhoneographers

April 7, 2016 8

ProShot ($3.99, but it’s a free app of the week if you have the U.S. version of the Starbucks app) is a full featured camera control center that goes way beyond the Apple provided app and has a unique UI that takes a bit of getting used to but turns [Read more]

Apple adds a 12 MP camera to its new, small iPhone SE

March 21, 2016 2

Apple has announced a new 12 MP camera to it’s latest iPhone, the 4 inch iPhone SE. The new iPhone features Focus Pixel technology for fast focusing, an Apple-designed image signal processor, advanced noise reduction, third-generation local tone mapping and better face detection [Read more]

Lens Distortions is a slick effects editor

March 11, 2016 0

I have to say the name, Lens Distortions, may lead an interested buyer in another direction, but the app does an excellent job of adding optical effects and fog to any image, giving you a great deal of control of how your image will turn out. The app is free, [Read more]

POST: Adobe updates its Social Photo App

March 10, 2016 0

We took a look at Adobe Post (free with in-app purchases) late last year. It was an intriguing piece of software for creating graphics based on photos. It has nice tools for fitting text over photos, and allows you to create some pretty stunning visuals. Now, Adobe has addressed some [Read more]

Adobe improves Lightroom for iOS. Now supports full-res editing.

March 2, 2016 2

Adobe continues its march to let photographers do sophisticated editing on their iPhones or iPads. Today, Adobe released version 2.2 of Lightroom for iOS, with many improvements, most notably full resolution output. Adobe is a bit behind the curve here. Photographers certainly want full resolution output, and it should have [Read more]

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