iPhoneography: The Eye of Fernando Gomez Larrea

June 17, 2011 4

Over on Facebook is the iPhone Photography Competition page, started back in November of 2009. One of the long-standing contributors to the IPC is Fernando Gomez Larrea. Lately, he’s been tearing it up in the IPC, having won both the April and May 2011 competitions. Here is a showcase of [Read more]

iPhoneography: Nobody Home

February 4, 2011 4

One of my favorite captures in a long time. A nice thing about shooting on Hollywood Blvd. is that you never have to worry about passers-by getting out of the way of your shot if that’s what you want. [Read more]

iPhoneography: Rotary Dial

January 11, 2011 3

If you are ever in Milwaukee, apart from the beer and a highly recommended 5 Card Studs show, you should also stop at American Science and Surplus. It’s been at the same location on West Oklahoma Avenue since Dr. Research was making educational films for Frank Capra. [Read more]

iPhoneography: My 12 Favorite Photos of 2010

January 2, 2011 14

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” Ansel Adams said that. Photographer Jordi V. Pou gave that quote to me a year ago. I’m sharing it with you here. Presented here, in no particular order, are my twelve favorite images that I took in 2010. [Read more]

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