Cool Link: 12 Tips to Break Your Photography Rut

July 27, 2012 1

Here’s a link to a classic post on the MCP Actions blog about tips to break your photography rut. It’s aimed at professionals and photographers who shoot with rigs, but it still has some good, usable tips for breaking an iPhoneography rut as well. [Read more]

Technique: 7 Tips to Better iPhoneography: by Jeremy Edwards

February 3, 2010 5

This article is directed at my fellow and aspiring iPhoneographers who want to better their iPhoneography experience and artfully improve their images. Below, I have listed 7 simple tips to better your iPhoneography. This will not be a source of suggesting applications you should be using to process images, or how you should hold the iPhone, or how to make your images look “more analog”. My intentions are to provide artful insight into bettering your iPhoneography. [Read more]

iPhoneography: The Stairwell

January 14, 2010 1

The Stockyards were brisk and the winter shadows were long as we roamed Main and Exchange with our cameras, fighting daylight and the lingering Golden Hour. [Read more]

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