iPhone App Review: Vignettr

January 30, 2011 7

When it works, its subtle gradient effects and full-res output make Vignettr a good utility, especially priced at only a dollar. But it’s inconsistent handling of bright areas render it unusable for many photos. [Read more]

iPhoneography: 707

August 24, 2010 0

The cockpit of the Boeing 707. The Boeing 707. For me, there are three that matter — John Travolta’s personal 707 painted in classic Qantas livery, the original Dash-80 prototype that’s in the Smithsonian, and this one. [Read more]

iPhoneography: Mozart

April 22, 2010 0

I love the buskers on the train platforms. New York, London, and Chicago are especially rich with musicians of widely varying talent… [Read more]

iPhoneography: Room Zero

November 19, 2009 0

From inside, this new machine sat silently blinking and lights were spinning. It was very Star Trek in its appearance (the J.J. Abrams movie, not the 60’s TV show). [Read more]