iPhoneography: A Personal History

May 18, 2011 19

Cameras have been an option on mobile phones since the late 1990’s. By 2006, half of the world’s mobile phones had a camera… less than 10 years after their introduction. The mobile phone camera was originally included as a means to quickly share instant digital snapshots. I doubt that the mobile phone camera was ever envisioned as creating a new art form. But today, some of the most creative and dynamic photographic works today are being shot and processed solely with an iPhone. [Read more]

Pixels at an Exhibition: Please vote

January 7, 2010 1

LifeInLoFi.com has been helping to promote Giorgi Gallery’s iPhoneography exhibition for several weeks. The exhibition opens at the end of January. I’ve submitted five images for possible inclusion. In order to again raise awareness of this exhibit (okay, really, it’s a shameless attempt to pimp my pics in order to get votes….) [Read more]