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Crowdsource: MOBBO & HANDDO by SHOULDERPOD – A Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount and Grip

July 9, 2013 – 7:37 am | Edit Post
shoulderpod mobbo, universal tripod mount for iphone, samsung galaxy, htc, smartphone

Here’s an interesting Indiegogo campaign. MOBBO is a new, lightweight universal smartphone tripod mount for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and more. If it’s smartphone-shaped, this bad boy will hold it securely.

Kickstarter: JackPod! – Truly Universal Smartphone | Tripod Mount

March 4, 2013 – 2:20 pm | Edit Post
jackpod, tripod mount, iphone, android

The JackPod! is an interesting Kickstarter for a new, universal tripod mount for iPhone, iPod Touch, and any other smartphone-sized device. Rather than clamp to or clip on your iPhone or Android device, it mounts your smartphone to a tripod using its external headset jack.

Indiegogo: Quattrojaws, a New Tripod Adapter for Smartphones

February 9, 2013 – 12:04 pm | Edit Post
quattrojaws universal tripod mount for iPhone

Here’s an interesting new project looking for crowdsourced funding. The Quattrojaws is a universal compact tripod mount that will work with nearly any smartphone, naked or cased.

Kickstarter: iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip (UPDATE)

January 21, 2013 – 10:37 pm | Edit Post
trygger iphone 5 polarizing filter

Photographers have long used polarizing filters to help improve image quality and naturally enhance the light and color of a photo. Here’s a Kickstarter project for the iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip. It adds an adjustable polarizing filter to your iPhone 5. There are only a few days left to fund this very cool iPhone 5 accessory.

Kickstarter: Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

January 16, 2013 – 7:36 pm | Edit Post

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner looks to be a pretty slick gizmo for scanning film on the go and even adding a little LOMO flair to your photos. At about $50, it’s a pretty reasonable deal.

Kickstarter: the 3RDi Kit – A very cool high end camera kit for iPhone 4/4S

July 12, 2012 – 2:04 am | Edit Post

There’ve been several cool Kickstarter projects for iPhoneography recently. The 3RDiis another, very cool one that I’m really excited about. “Game changer” is probably pretty close to accurate when describing the 3RDi. The specs and lens quality of this rig are up there with the Schneider Optics iPRO Lens System for iPhone, in particular the 20mm-equivalent Wide Angle lens.

Kickstarter: The ANYCASE iPhone Tripod Adapter also fits most SmartPhones

June 21, 2012 – 12:20 am | Edit Post

Here’s another cool Kickstarter project that’s trying to meet its funding goal. The ANYCASE tripod adapter is a sturdy, metal accessory for any smartphone, not just an iPhone 4 or 4S.

Kickstarter: The Kick – a pocket sized lighting studio for photo & video

June 18, 2012 – 7:27 pm | Edit Post

The Kick is a lightweight, extremely portable and versatile lighting solution for photo and video. It comes in two versions — The Kick and The Kick Plus. It is a versatile, pocket-sized lighting solution. It hasn’t achieved its funding goal yet, but it should by its deadline of July 18.

Kickstarter: The Gymbl Latch & Lanyard

March 5, 2012 – 12:33 pm | Edit Post

Youbiq is creating a new accessory to go with the Gymbl, the Gymbl Latch & Lanyard. It’s a simple, handy, and versatile clip that helps extend the usability of the Gymbl case.