Review: Monochrome Camera

March 10, 2010 1

This is a horrible app and with all of the other free and inexpensive monochrome cameras in the app store, there’s no reason to download this one. There’s no excuse for a basic monochrome camera app to not support full the iPhone’s resolution. [Read more]

My iPhone Camera Bag updated

January 22, 2010 9

One of the features that makes the iPhone camera unique is the availability of thousands of photography-related apps. For less than the cost of a DVD, you can basically get a whole new camera experience. [Read more]

iPhoneography: The Stairwell

January 14, 2010 1

The Stockyards were brisk and the winter shadows were long as we roamed Main and Exchange with our cameras, fighting daylight and the lingering Golden Hour. [Read more]

iPhoneography: Column

December 22, 2009 0

My beverage of choice is the Grande Latte with an extra shot. The baristas call it a “triple,” I prefer to call it by its long name…. [Read more]

Review: MonoPhix 2.0 for iPhone

December 3, 2009 5

If you are looking to explore monochrome photography or just want to enhance your snapshots with some intense black & white and old photo effects, MonoPhix 2 is definitely worth checking out. [Read more]

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