Photo App Review: Noise Master

January 4, 2012 13

Noise Master eliminates all kinds of noise from an image. Unlike many other noise reduction apps that use blurring techniques which ruin fine details, Noise Master uses more sophisticated algorithms to eliminate noise without sacrificing detail. [Read more]

Perfectly Clear App Store Disappearance an App Store “Hiccup”. Should Return Soon.

April 19, 2011 0

Even with the improved camera of the iPhone 4, Perfectly Clear is still a regular part of my photo processing workflow. It’s one-button processing that compensates and tweaks color, contrast and brightness in iPhone photos. It improves image sharpness, punches up normally exposed images, and can help save poorly exposed ones.

One of LoFi’s Facebook followers just pointed out that Perfectly Clear hasn’t been available in the App Store for the past day or so. I contacted Athentech Imaging to find out what’s up with Perfectly Clear. [Read more]

iPhone App Review: Perfectly Clear 2.2 – Some Features Fixed, Others Broken

March 4, 2011 15

Even with the iPhone 4’s greatly improved camera, I still use Perfectly Clear often for quick and easy one-touch dynamic range correction on some images. The constant iPhone reboots are very annoying, but for me how Perfectly Clear tweaks and fixes an image is worth the annoyance. Otherwise, Perfectly Clear is still a very good app and still an essential part of my iPhone’s camera bag. Until the memory issues are fixed, I like the app, but don’t recommend this update. [Read more]

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