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PhotoForge2 Now Available in the App Store!

May 18, 2011 – 10:08 pm | Edit Post

PhotoForge2 is available in the App Store now. It’s on sale for $0.99 USD today, Thursday, May 19, 2011, for one day only.

Good News on PhotoForge2 Upgrade Pricing

May 16, 2011 – 5:11 pm | Edit Post

Today, GhostBird Software announced pricing and upgrade policies for the new PhotoForge2 update, which hits the App Store this Thursday, May 19. PhotoForge 2 is such a big update over PhotoForge version 1 (it really is… you can see our previous preview here), it’s being released to the App Store as an entirely new app.

App Preview: PhotoForge2 Preview. Ho… ly… Cow!

May 11, 2011 – 3:47 pm | Edit Post

GhostBird Software announce the upcoming arrival of PhotoForge2. Completely re-written from the ground up, PhotoForge2 has some of the most powerful photo editing features available in the App Store. Yes, it does.

PerfectPhoto 2.0 released. A powerful photo editor.

December 1, 2010 – 12:23 am | Edit Post

If you’re looking for a Photoshop-like image editor for iPhone, PerfectPhoto certainly has more than enough power and features to warrant a look, especially for the new Spot Healing and Red-Eye tools.

Photoforge for iPhone and iPad on sale now! [UPDATED]

November 27, 2010 – 2:00 am | Edit Post

PhotoForge for iPhone is on sale now for only $0.99 and PhotoForge for iPad is on sale for only $1.99 – a significant savings off each app.

Want a FREE copy of PhotoWizard-Editor for iPhone?

September 18, 2010 – 4:09 pm | Edit Post
photowizard for iPhone iPad

PhotoWizard-Editor is another app in this calls that’s definitely worth a look at. It’s a full-featured image editor with a complete suite of editing tools as well as some other unique features.

Both PhotoForge apps on sale now – for iPhone and iPad!

September 3, 2010 – 1:03 pm | Edit Post

PhotoForge for iPhone is on sale now for only $0.99 and PhotoForge for iPad is on sale for only $2.99 – that’s $2.00 off each app.

Using the iPhone for… commercial work?!!!

August 27, 2010 – 8:28 am | Edit Post

The superior camera of the iPhone 4 makes a strong case for using an iPhone for commercial photography. It has a 5 megapixel resolution that is certainly usable for many print purposes.

Iris Photo Suite updated. Now with awesome layers and blending

August 20, 2010 – 11:19 pm | Edit Post

Iris Photo Suite has quickly become one of the more popular photo editing apps among iPhoneographers. The new 1.3 update released today adds a long awaited feature to iPhone image editing apps – layers support and blending

Cool Link: Sept 2010 Macworld’s iPhone 4 cover shot with an iPhone 4

July 29, 2010 – 3:30 pm | Edit Post

The September 2010 issue of Macworld features a cover shot of an iPhone 4… that was shot and post-processed using an iPhone 4!

iPhone Photo App Updates for July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010 – 5:51 pm | Edit Post

In case you don’t obsessively check for app updates like me, here are a few of the more significant iPhone photo app updates released around July 20, 2010

Quick & Easy PhotoForge Fix for the iPhone 4’s Yellow Cast

July 9, 2010 – 10:13 am | Edit Post

If you’re experiencing the low light yellow cast issue some iPhone 4 owners are having with their camera, the Auto White Balance filter in PhotoForge probably does the best job the quickest in removing the yellow cast