iOS 7: An iPhoneographer’s Preview

Despite a slick preview page on the Apple website, iOS 7, the new operating for iPhone and iPad is still months away from being released to the public. I got to spend a few minutes hands on with iOS 7 tonight. In short, it's a huge improvement over the already great iOS6. I want it now. Read More

June 25, 2013 // 8 Comments

We’ve got a preview of the Hueless 2.0 update!

The new 2.0 Hueless update streets later today. Not only does it add several new features to this excellent camera app, but the new user interface is one of the better ones optimized for the new iPhone 5. Read More

October 31, 2012 // 2 Comments

Photo App Preview: Etchings

We've got a preview of Etchings, a new app for iOS which will be released soon. It's a unique app which adds the look of this classic artisan style to your photos. Etchings adds a unique, stark, high-contrast effect to your photos. The looks it adds are classic. Read More

August 26, 2012 // 13 Comments

Hands-On Preview of Camera and Photos in iOS 5

Over the weekend, I was able to use an iPhone 4 with a golden master -- basically a release copy -- of iOS 5. I didn't have much hands on time with it, but here are my thoughts and a few screenshots of the greatly improved Apple Camera and Photos apps. Read More

October 10, 2011 // 9 Comments

Details of Hipstamatic 210 Sneak-Peeked!

The developers of Hipstamatic just released a few details of the upcoming Hipstamtic 210 update over on their Facebook page. No photos as of yet and just enough details to tease us with. Read More

May 13, 2011 // 14 Comments

Want to see a preview of Hipstamatic 180?

Making the rounds on Twitter recently were mentions of a new, upcoming HipstaPak for the next update of Hipstamatic. Here's a preview of the new Salvador 84 lens and Stache film. Read More

November 2, 2010 // 11 Comments