ShakeItPhoto Updated. Now With Real Polaroid Border!

April 20, 2011 9

One of the things that I love about ShakeItPhoto is the way it alters the colors of the photo. It doesn’t accurately recreate the tones of old Polaorid images. In reality, they’re often flat and washed out. ShakeItPhoto recreates the way we remember old Polaroid photos. And that, to me, is part of its magic.

ShakeItPhoto was updated today. The 2.0 update has one new feature — a real Polaroid SX-70 border. [Read more]

Coming Soon: ShakeItPhoto Update With New Border

April 15, 2011 15

I know Marty hates rumors, but there’s evidence in the official ShakeItPhoto Facebook page and the Flickr Stream of Banana Camera Co’s Alexia Brown to support this. The latest update to popular instant camera app ShakeItPhoto, which is currently awaiting Apple approval, will feature a revised border much more reminiscent of the traditional Polaroid border.

Unlike ShakeItPhoto’s current border, it appears the new border features a much larger bottom area, reminiscent of what you’d get right out of a good old SX-70 (I’m thinking LabelBox might get some solid mileage out of this change in my own photography, I can’t resist the opportunity for a sassy aside). If you take a close look at the bottom area, though, there’s a noticeable line right about where the older border would have ended, which makes me wonder if the new one was simply clone-stamped into new dimensions. [Read more]

Full-res support and other goodies coming to ShakeItPhoto

November 1, 2010 5

Nick Campbell’s Banana Camera Company is planning on shaking up the venerable instant camera app, ShakeItPhoto. According to a recent post to the BCC blog: We are currently working on a big update for ShakeItPhoto that will include full rez processing, EXIF/GEO data, sharing options, and of course, a new [Read more]