September 26-29, 2009

While I didn’t take a ton of photos — I think I took about 175 which included safety shots — I was very pleased with the shots I got and my ability to work with them on my iPhone. I’ve narrowed my story to the shots you see here and in the first part of this gallery.

For such a tall city, I found myself wanting to shoot with a wide aspect ratio much of the time, something which Camera HD helps me do easily in camera. For me, it either helped enhance the horizon or the added width helped to narrow the focus of your view of the scene.

Here is Part II of the story.

new york, subway, S line

The S Line. Times Square Station. Shot with Camera Genius, modifed in CameraBag

Subway, Times Square, New York, mobile photo

“Subway”. Times Square, New York. Shot with Camera Genius, unenhanced

Roxy Deli, New York, Times Square, mobile photo, iphone photo

“Roxy Deli”. Times Square, New York. Shot with Camera Genius, modified in Photogene.

New York, mobile photo, iphone photo, 7th avenue, stardust diner

“Stardust Diner”. 7th Avenue, New York. Shot with Camera Genius, modified in Photogene

The beauty in the every day. Things we may walk past all the time and miss something wonderful.

I’ve become fascinated with neon light and how the iPhone camera interprets it, as well as how far you can push the image in post processing. I loved how the reds in the Roxy sign held their own in the never-ending day that is nighttime in Times Square. I loved how the buildings around the Stardust Diner sign picked up the ambient light, giving them a warmth which complimented the sign. Two neon signs — two very different settings. One always competing in the noise, the other a calm icon on a quiet late-night street.

new york, john lennon, central park, imagine, dakota building

“Imagine”. Central Park, New York. Shot with Camera XL, modified in Photogene

The postcard. The leaves and the subtle hint of shadows take the image from pristine to real for me.

New York, Central park, tavern on the green, carriage

“Carriage Ride in Central Park”. Shot with Camera HD, modified with Photogene


Sunset Over Manhattan

“Manhattan Monochrome”. New York La Guardia Airport. Shot with Zoom Lens, modifed with PhotoForge, monochromed in CameraBag

From New York La Guardia Airport, the skyline of Manhattan looks much much smaller than you see in the image — it’s a rough spot on the horizon. Even far away it was awe-inspiring with the sunset. While the colors were breathtaking, to me the image works better in black & white as it adds more contrast to the skyline than was there, even far away.

TWA airlines, La Guardia, airport, new york, hangar

“The Jet Age”. New York La Guardia Airport. Shot with Camera HD, modifed with Photogene

Old aircraft hangars modernized. A Boeing 757 sits in the foreground at the gate. Classic lines in a modern aircraft. The juxtaposition of old meeting new.