LittleSnapper for iPhone

LittleSnapper for iPhone

RealMac Software is making its iPhone app LittleSnapper available for FREE for a limited time. It normally sells for $2.99 USD.

LittleSnapper for iPhone allows you easily capture webpages, use your device’s built-in camera or upload an existing image from your Camera Roll to their Ember inspiration sharing service. If you don’t have an Ember account, you can create a free account right inside the application and get uploading.

Add tags, titles, descriptions and ratings to your images before sharing them. Once shared online, LittleSnapper allows you to view, email or tweet the link to your image.

I haven’t used this app before, but ‘free’ gives you the ability to try out the full-blown app and it gets you into the upgrade path. The ability to easily share a link to your images might make this app worth a slot on your iPhone.


App Store link: LittleSnapper