Auto Adjust

Auto Adjust

As promised, developer Joe Macirowski has updated Auto Adjust to version 1.1. I reviewed the app a few weeks ago and my biggest issue with this otherwise excellent app was the rotation bug that seems to be occurring in many new photo apps. The newly-released update fixes this issue and images now save to your camera roll with the correct orientation.

I’ve had a chance to use this app often since its release and many times the results are outstanding. There are other apps that use normalization for exposure correction, but I’ve found Auto Adjust easily and consistently produces superior results with good color, saturation and the least amount of noise that you’re going to get from running exposure correction processing. It tweaks the contrast of moderately underexposed images, but this app can sometimes work miracles on images I initially thought were too dark to be useful.

Especially after the new update, I highly recommend this app. The update is now available in the App Store.

Auto Adjust is now only $.99 USD in the App Store.