Flash Camera +

Flash Camera +

Flash Camera+
Version 1.0

Bottom Line: Avoid.

Very few apps I purchase move me to anger as much as Flash Camera+ by BlueOnionSoft does. This is a horrible, horrible app. It’s part of the developer’s “Camera+” series and I can’t help but think that the other apps in this series, which include Zoom Camera+, Night Camera+ and HDR Camera+ are just as bad.

The output resolution of all images this camera app produces is 320 x 480 pixels. That’s the resolution of your iPhone’s screen. That’s less than 1/4 of a megapixel. This produces images that are useless for viewing anywhere but a cell phone, and barely good for that. Flash Camera+ produces images that would almost look okay on Facebook although your friends with a 2 year old Motorola RAZR will be taking better pictures than this piece ** **** puts out.

And it’s not just images taken with the app’s built-in camera. You can also load images from your iPhone’s camera roll to apply image brightening in the app. Yes, your 1200 x 1600 pixel images save back as 320 x 480 as well.

Why am I so livid over an app that produces sub-par and extremely low resolution images? Because nowhere in the app’s description in the App Store or on the developer’s website does it mention that you’re paying for an app with sub-standard resolution. By the time you realize that your pictures will look like garbage, they’ve already got your money.

Do I have anything nice to say about this app? Yes. The interface is nice. The toolbar can be set to auto-hide after 5 seconds of inactivity. The app features a Big Button which turns your entire iPhone screen into a shutter release button. There is a good set of instructions on how and why to use the flash/exposure setting (I’m not being sarcastic — I wish more apps would explain the “whys” of how they work). The 4x zoom saves at the app’s full-resolution but it’s rendered useless by the app’s native super-low resolution. It’s a well done feature set rendered completely useless by the lousy output of the app.

I can’t even come close to recommending this app. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that the other six apps in the Camera+ series also output at the same, super bad, super low resolution. I can’t tell — this information isn’t mentioned anywhere in the app descriptions.

There are many, many better camera apps in the app store. This is not even close to an improvement over the default app. Seriously, save your money. Avoid Flash Camera+ by Friendiki or BlueOnionSoft or whatever they call themselves.

I can’t provide an App Store link in good conscience.