Taken pre-iPhone on February 2, 2003 with my old 2MP Panasonic Lumix digital camera

The Active Pool

The Active Pool

I hate to use the term “oasis” when describing the Fort Worth Water Gardens — that just seems too ironic to me. An oasis implies something more passive — a place in a wasteland where you stop and refresh. I wouldn’t exactly call downtown Fort Worth a wasteland, especially in the area near the Water Gardens which is experiencing a sort of renaissance, although the stop and refresh is applicable, if not entirely accurate.

One of the things that I love about the Water Gardens is your ability to experience water on many levels. You can relax near it. There are areas where it’s absolutely still. There are areas where the water is noisy and full of motion. There are areas where you walk into the center of the water and it’s almost as if you are the exhibit.

My favorite times of the year to visit are when the shadows are long. There is great interplay between light and shadow, stone and water.