November, 2009
Fort Worth, Texas

iPhoneography: Column


Toolbox: Zoom Lens, MonoPhix, CameraKit

My girlfriend and I have a very pleasant Sunday morning coffee ritual. Some days, it involves simply lounging around the bed, reading and sharing news stories from our iPhones. Most of the time, weather permitting, we go out to one of the many Starbucks in our city. My beverage of choice is the Grande Latte with an extra shot. The baristas call it a “triple,” I prefer to call it by its long name, hoping to avoid any confusion.

On this Sunday, we went to a Starbucks that we usually don’t go to. It was near the Apple Store, so we thought we’d multitask. The day started cool and cloudy and went cold and gray from there. The newly placed holiday wreaths swung about in the wind. The sky became more progressively gray, sucking the color out of just about everything. For a moment, it felt like winter in North Texas.