By now, all 24+ timezones are into a new year and a new decade. I hope 2010 is a good one for all of you and I wish you success in all of your pursuits, whether they are personal or professional.

With the bevy of new apps to hit the App Store in 2009, I think 2010 promises to be a great year for iPhoneography. There are a lot of new tools to help us explore our creativity and realize our vision as we capture the moments around us.

I saw a lot of great iPhoneography in 2009. You are creating a lot of great images that a gallery-worthy. I’m excited about all the new exhibits this year, both online and brick-and-mortar, that will be featuring iPhoneography and I hope to see some of your work displayed.

I hope all your light is good and all your apps are stable. I wish you all a very good new year.

As always, thank you for stopping in!