Fort Worth, Texas
January 9, 2010

iPhoneography: Meadowbrook Drive-In

Meadowbrook Drive-In

Toolbox: ProCamera, TiltShift Generator

There’s a giant, dirty, old screen just east of downtown Fort Worth. There used to be two more screens nearby. Weeds and bushes had reclaimed the parking areas. The trees had overgrown the screens. The once-white screens were dingy and filled with rust stains. None of the screens were even worth tearing down.

Hidden in the trees and the brush off Riverside Drive, the Meadowbrook Drive-In marquee still stands. The lights long dimmed and broken out. Even the last pain has peeled off, revealing the original theater sign underneath. An old bicycle has been rigged to the top. The drive-in behind is now a parking lot for trash dumpsters.

No parking. No trespassing. No movies. The one remaining screen east of downtown now stands silently in the trees.