iPhoneography: Street scene from a bus window

Street scene from a bus window

Spring is finally here and hopefully the weather is becoming decent in your area. As the days grow warmer and longer, more people get outside to take advantage of nice spring weather and the opportunities increase to take some great street photography.

I prefer using my iPhone to take street photography. While the image quality from a DSLR is definitely better, the larger size and form factor of the camera can influence the shot. When people see a camera and realize that they’re being photographed, they often behave differently and you lose your moment. In that instant, the camera effects the scene.

The iPhone and other high-end mobile phone cameras such as the Palm Pre and the Google ‘Droid are inconspicuous. Because of their small size and ubiquity, they’re less likely to influence a scene. With a modicum of stealth, it’s easy to see and capture the moment virtually undetected. Everyone has mobile phones and you could simply be checking your email.

New York is one of the most photogenic cities I’ve visited and one of the best place to take great street photography. In September 2009, Time Out New York ran a piece with some great tips on taking street photography, with advice from several street photographers who shoot New York, including iPhoneographer Anton Kawasaki.

I’d like to add my own contribution to the list:

Bring a friend: You can stop anywhere as if you’re having a conversation. Position them as if you were taking their photo. Then simply shoot past them, over their shoulder, or pretend to be engaging them while you stealthily shoot your real photo.

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Do you have any of your own tips for shooting street photography? Share them below in the comments.