Flash Hero for iPhone screenshot

Flash Hero screenshot

Update 5:06 PM CDT: Hey, those went fast! We have given away all of the promo codes we have for this update of Flash Hero, but check back often or keep tabs on us on Twitter (@MartyNearDFW) for future promo code giveaways. Many thanks for reading Life In Lo-Fi!

Want a free copy of Flash Hero?

I recently reviewed version 1.2 of the app and quite honestly, I didn’t like the results of two of the three filters. However, I received an email from Asasa Software. It seems that they take user (and reviewer) criticism very seriously. To me, that’s a sign of a good app developer.

Version 2.0 has just been submitted to the App Store and features graphics and user interface improvements. Thanks to the reviews, Asasa is working on version 2.1 which will improve the flash effects. I’ll keep you posted on the updates and the new improvements to the filters.

Life In LoFi has some promo codes for Flash Hero to give away. I’ll send one promo code to each of the first 10 readers who request one. Hit me up on Twitter/@MartyNearDFW, send me an email, or simply ask for one in the comments below. One code per reader, please. Codes work in the U.S. App Store only. Be sure to include an email address somewhere in your post for me to send the code to.

This will get you in the update path. I’m always looking for a better exposure enhancer. I like the concept and the user-interface of Flash Hero. Hopefully with these upcoming fixes, this app will be ready for prime-time.

Big thanks to Asasa Software for providing Life In LoFi with the free promo codes.

App Store link: Flash Hero